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How to design commercial kitchen for restaurant and hotel?

How to design commercial kitchen for restaurant and hotel?What's the principles?

How to design commercial kitchen for restaurant and hotel?What’s the principles?

The main categories of commercial kitchen equipment: Chinese kitchen equipment, western kitchen equipment, food machinery equipment, cooking equipment, disinfection equipment, refrigeration equipment, smoke exhaust equipment, back kitchen equipment, front office supplies, table and chair series, consumables, etc.

1.The principle of safety

The design of commercial kitchen equipment is the first principle of safety, and the safety of life and society are the top priorities. To ensure the quality of designed products, commercial kitchen equipment should be designed to meet the principles of human safety during use, avoid excessive sharp designs, and ensure human safety during use.

2.The principle of humanization

The operation in the kitchen must have a reasonable process. In the design of kitchen equipment, the arrangement of various parts can be designed according to the correct process, which is very important for the convenience of future use. In addition, the height of the stove and the position of the wall cabinet directly affect the convenience of use. It is necessary to choose hotel kitchen equipment that conforms to ergonomic principles and kitchen operating procedures.How to design commercial kitchen for restaurant and hotel?What’s the principles?

3.The principle of hygiene

Commercial kitchen equipment must have the ability to resist pollution, especially to prevent cockroaches, mice, ants, etc. from contaminating food in order to ensure the internal quality of the entire kitchen equipment.hotel and restaurant kitchen design

4.The principle of fire protection

The surface of commercial kitchen equipment should have fire resistance. The surface materials of kitchen equipment produced by regular kitchen equipment manufacturers are all made of non-combustible and flame-retardant materials.

5.The principle of energy saving and environmental protection

The fuel of commercial kitchen equipment is mostly coal, and now it is generally more environmentally friendly to use oil and gas. In addition, the products of kitchen equipment itself, such as energy-saving stoves produced by professional hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers, can achieve energy savings of more than 30%-60%.How to design commercial kitchen for restaurant and hotel?What’s the principles?

6.The principle of aesthetics

Commercial kitchen equipment design not only requires pleasing shape and color, but also has durability. Therefore, it requires easy anti-pollution and good cleaning performance.

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