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Advantages of commercial induction cooker

Advantages of commercial induction cooker.

1.Fast heating speed: Because of its direct heating principle characteristics, can make pots and pans temperature rise more than 300 degrees in a few seconds.

2.No open flame: no open flame heating brings the advantages of safety, because no easy to leak, flammable energy, safety has been greatly improved; secondly, because there is no open flame baking, the cleanliness of the work surface has also been greatly improved; and no additional heat radiation, so that the chef does not need to endure high temperatures when cooking.

3.Very easy to use: high-power induction cooker is very easy to do the key parameters of cooking: temperature, time of precise control, to help operators save time, and help unify the taste of dishes.

4.Stable and durable: with the stability and durability of household induction cooker can not be compared, can continue to work for a long time.

5.Precise temperature control: precise control of temperature.


Disadvantages of commercial induction cooker.

1.The use of habits and humane design: commercial induction cooker as a new type of cooking equipment for restaurant, its application time is still very short compared to open fire cooking, in some specific dishes, can not be well adapted to people’s habits; this requires manufacturers and consumers to work together to promote the application of this green cooking equipment.

2.The lack of standards: compared to mature home appliances, commercial induction cookers, the relevant technical standards, norms are still relatively lacking, manufacturers mixed, product quality is mixed. For users, it is wise to choose a manufacturer with experience and R&D strength.


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