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Basic knowledge of commercial kitchen project design and layout

Basic knowledge of commercial kitchen project design and layout

Basic knowledge of commercial kitchen project design and layout

Basic information needed for commercial kitchen design

1. Understand the food to be served and the maximum number of people to be served. This is the main basis for floor plan design. Based on this information the main equipment types, quantity, capacity etc. can be determined.
2. Understand the customer can use the type of energy: such as boiler steam, diesel, gas type, power (220V/380V), etc.
3. Get the customer’s kitchen floor plan structure, dimensions and space height structure diagram.
4. Understand the customer’s basic requirements: such as pipeline direction, sewage outlet, fan positioning, etc..
5. Understand the user’s investment and budget.

Key points of kitchen layout design

1. Fully understand the kitchen space, plane topography, heating equipment layout orientation, should strive to ensure that the smoke emissions, fresh air system less curved, short distance, easy to install.
2. The primary condition of the kitchen layout is to meet the requirements of the cooking process, try to avoid cold, hot cross, cleaning and dirty cross, and strive to work in close proximity to the work area.

Kitchen equipment layout

1. Should make full use of the original device, facilities, terrain, so that each partition has a reasonable space, a wide view, aisles open for easy management.
2. Should fully understand the restaurant’s cuisine, all arrangements, arrangements are based on this.

Kitchen work area configuration

According to the kitchen floor plan and equipment configuration, divide the working area for different functions, such as storage area, processing area, cold food area, pasta area, dishwashing area, cooking area and so on.This the basic knowledge of commercial kitchen project design and layout.

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