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Commercial dishwasher benefits | Dish washing machine advantage

Commercial dishwasher benefit | Dish washing machine advantage

Commercial dishwasher benefits | Dish washing machine advantage-Cost comparison between manual dishwashing and commercial dishwashers

Tableware management is usually a key link and a weak link in catering management. Many restaurants suffer from high breakage rates and unclean tableware. Damaged and dirty tableware not only reduces the quality of the dishes, but also increases the cost. The stained tableware also affects the public image and health and safety guarantees, and customers are not willing to patronize again. In addition, the dining halls of schools, enterprises and institutions are concentrated, and the cleaning volume is greater, requiring a lot of labor. With the continuous increase of labor costs, the labor has also increased a lot of burdens on businesses. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, dishwashers have come into people’s lives. Many restaurants have begun to adopt commercial dishwasher instead of manual dishwashing. However, some businesses are still worried about whether dishwashers can really be washed? Is it more water and electricity?

Today I will give you a detailed list of the difference between using a professional automatic dishwasher and manual dishwashing.

1. Hygienic environment

Automatic commercial dishwasher: The automatic dishwasher has no external contact during the whole cleaning process, and the high temperature can reach 70 degrees Celsius, which can make the stains clean more thoroughly.

Manual dishwashing: Manual dishwashing is unavoidable for the dishes everywhere. Cross-contamination of the dishwashing room sewage, dirty rags and dirty water, etc. can be seen everywhere. After washing, the bacterial residues are very serious, and only surface stains can be cleaned. Disinfection cannot be done.

2. Cleaning effect

Commercial dishwasher for restaurant: Dishwasher is equipped with a special detergent with high efficiency formula, which works under the action of the main washing and rinsing water flow machinery, which can achieve the cleaning effect that cannot be achieved by hand washing. Strong high-temperature spraying thoroughly cleans stubborn oil stains. Animal oils such as pigs and cows can also be fully washed with high-temperature washing (the water temperature for hand washing can only be 30-40℃, while the dissolving temperature of animal oils such as pigs and cows is 40℃~ 50°C). Surrounding the spray, all corners can be washed.

Manual dishwashing: Incomplete cleaning can cause stains and residues. Dishes and tableware of various shapes are prone to incomplete cleaning, leaving dead corners.

3. Hydropower cost

Automatic commercial dishwasher: at least 3/4 of water and electricity can be saved than hand washing.

Manual dishwashing: Uncontrollable water consumption and uncontrollable power usage time are more wasteful in comparison.

4. Time and labor costs

Automatic commercial dishwasher: You only need to put the dishes to be washed in the dishwasher, add special detergent, set the program, and the dishwasher will help you complete the rest of the work and bring you bright and clean Washing effect.

Manual dishwashing: Manual dishwashing is a long-term labor cost, and the manual operation speed is much slower than that of the dishwasher, resulting in a substantial increase in the number of tableware reserves, and the expensive labor cost cannot be ignored.

5. Cutlery safety

Automatic commercial dishwasher: It can greatly reduce the breakage of tableware caused by manual dishwashing.

Manual dishwashing: The breakage rate of tableware is high and it is difficult to control.

In summary, do you have a clearer understanding of dishwashers and manual dishwashing? For school canteens, hotels, restaurants, etc., the traditional manual cleaning effect, cleaning efficiency and labor cost are not satisfactory. Commercial dishwasher are more and more favored by the catering industry for their high efficiency and high strength.

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