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Commercial kitchen equipment list | Buffet catering equipment list

Commercial kitchen equipment list Buffet catering equipment list

Commercial kitchen equipment list | Buffet catering equipment list

Creating a list of essential commercial kitchen equipment can vary depending on the type of restaurant or food service operation. However, here’s a comprehensive list of commonly used equipment in most commercial kitchens:

Cooking Equipment

  1. Ovens
    • Conventional Oven
    • Convection Oven
    • Combination Oven
    • Pizza Oven
    • Microwave Oven
  2. Ranges and Cooktops
    • Gas Range
    • Electric Range
    • Induction Cooktop
  3. Grills and Griddles
    • Flat-top Grill
    • Charbroiler Grill
  4. Deep Fryers
    • Countertop Fryer
    • Floor Fryer
  5. Broilers
    • Salamander Broiler
    • Upright Broiler
  6. Steamers
    • Countertop Steamer
    • Floor Steamer
  7. Tilting Skillet
  8. Stockpot Range
  9. Toasters
    • Conveyor Toaster
    • Pop-up Toaster

Food Preparation Equipment

  1. Mixers
    • Planetary Mixer
    • Spiral Mixer
  2. Food Processors
  3. Blenders
  4. Slicers
  5. Choppers and Dicers
  6. Meat Grinders
  7. Dough Sheeters
  8. Peelers
  9. Vegetable Cutters

Refrigeration and Storage

  1. Refrigerators
    • Reach-in Refrigerator
    • Walk-in Refrigerator
    • Undercounter Refrigerator
  2. Freezers
    • Reach-in Freezer
    • Walk-in Freezer
    • Undercounter Freezer
  3. Ice Machines
    • Ice Maker
    • Ice Bin
  4. Wine Coolers
  5. Cold Storage Rooms
  6. Shelving Units
  7. Storage Bins and Containers

Dishwashing and Cleaning

  1. Dishwashers
    • Under Counter Dishwasher
    • Conveyor Dishwasher
  2. Sinks
    • Prep Sink
    • Hand Wash Sink
    • Three-Compartment Sink
  3. Mop Sinks and Buckets
  4. Grease Traps
  5. Waste Disposal Units

Serving Equipment

  1. Serving Carts
  2. Chafing Dishes
  3. Buffet Equipment
  4. Bain Marie
  5. Hot Food Tables
  6. Cold Food Tables

Smallwares and Utensils

  1. Cutlery
  2. Mixing Bowls
  3. Cutting Boards
  4. Whisks, Spatulas, Tongs
  5. Measuring Cups and Spoons
  6. Pots and Pans
  7. Bakeware
  8. Storage Containers
  9. Thermometers

Safety and Sanitation

  1. Fire Extinguishers
  2. First Aid Kits
  3. Gloves and Aprons
  4. Hairnets and Caps
  5. Cleaning Chemicals
  6. Sanitizing Stations

Furniture and Fixtures

  1. Work Tables
  2. Prep Stations
  3. Dining Tables and Chairs
  4. Bar Stools
  5. Booths


  1. Ventilation Hoods
  2. POS Systems
  3. Cash Registers
  4. Food Warmers
  5. Heat Lamps
  6. Display Cases

This list should cover most of the essential items needed in a commercial kitchen. The specific needs can vary based on the cuisine, volume, and specific restaurant requirements.Commercial kitchen equipment list | Buffet catering equipment list

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