How to keep the freezer away from sub-health?

The summer is scorching, and it is the peak season for the sale of refrigerated and frozen foods, and a well-functioning, high-efficiency and low-consumption freezer formally guarantees the focus of sales. But even if a good freezer is used in a sub-healthy state, it will still increase energy consumption and shorten the life of the freezer. How can the freezer use less electricity and do more work?

It’s very simple, just use it well and maintain it well!   

1. Where and how should the freezer be placed?   

If you want to use the freezer well, you must first put the freezer properly. Good use of the environment is the first condition for the normal operation of the freezer. The freezer must be placed on a flat ground, not in a place exposed to direct sunlight, away from air conditioners, air outlets such as entrances and exits, and not in a high temperature and high humidity environment.In addition, when placing the all-in-one freezer, leave enough space for heat dissipation-10cm against the wall at the back, 30cm from the ceiling at the top, and at least 50cm at the front. 

2. How to use it to be more efficient and energy-saving

The unobstructed air-cooled circulation system is an important reason for the normal operation of the freezer. If the goods placed in the cabinet are beyond the load first, blocking the air supply or suction opening of the air curtain will reduce the cooling performance and increase the power consumption. The freezer with door opens the door many times for a long time, and you must remember to close the door easily (the manufacturer of Shengbao freezer will automatically pop the door to solve the trouble of forgetting to close the door). When the night-time freezer draws the night curtain, your electric meter will run a lot less.Do a good job of temperature management, don’t put products with different temperatures in the same freezer, let alone use the freezer as a quick-freezer.

3. Freezers need to be checked frequently and cleaned frequently

Do a good job of daily maintenance, so that the freezer can maintain a low-consumption and high-efficiency state for a long time.

First of all, we must take precautions before they happen, and daily checkups are indispensable:   

Is there any abnormal noise in the freezer?   

Is the door seal loose and falling off?   

Is the light on?   

Are the air curtain opening and suction opening unobstructed?   

Secondly, keep it clean and clean the surface of the cabinet every day (note that only neutral detergent can be used).   

Regardless of whether it is an all-in-one unit or a split unit, the filter of the unit condenser is recommended to be cleaned once every quarter, so that the refrigeration system can breathe.

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