5L Hot Chocolate Dispenser

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Hot Chocolate Dispenser


Varied kinds of hot drinks can be served by Chocofairy , such as hot chocolate, tes, coffee, milk and mulled wine, etc

1. Good in quality and lovely design
2. Bain-marie heating system with a wide controlled range of temperature from +62 to +90 celsius, fast and uniform heating
3. Digital thermostat for adjusting temperature as required
4. Continuous stirring maintains a perfect, lump-free consistency
5. Special anti-clogging faucet
6. #304 Stainless steel boiled with thermal protector
7. Food-grade high density polycarbonate bowl, remove and clean easily
8. Drip tray with indicator warning when full
9. Certificate available CE,ETL,ROHS, etc
10. Voltage and cycles upon request.



1.Model No.:  Chocofairy-5L
2.Dimension: 410×280×465mm
5.Power:1006 W
7.Temperature:+85 °c
8.N.W.:7.3 kgs

Chocolate Dispenser Operation:

1.Make sure that the main switch is set to off.
2.Take off the lid.
3.Fill the boiler tank with water using the boiler tank level indicator tray,until it reaches the maximum value indicated on the tray itself,which is marked -MAX-.
4.Remove the lid and pour the beverage prepared according to the manufactuer’s instructions into the bowl,never exceed the maximum level,which is marked -MAX-on the tray itsef.
5.After pouring the product into the bowl,fit the lid back in place
6.Make sure that the plug has been inserted into the mains socket
7.press the main switch to start the machine;the product inside the bowl will start to be mixed:
8.Set the thermostat to the required temperature to heat the product inside the bowl.

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