64 Trays Capacity Commercial Roll-in Proofer Room

  • Model No.:NFF-232S
  • Proofer Room
  • Capacity:2 trolleys, 64 trays
  • Tray size: 46×72 cm
  • Voltage:380V/50Hz,3 phase,
  • Power:2 Kw
  • Exterior size:191x138x205 cm
  • Packing size:246x116x226 cm
  • N.W/G.W:340 / 377 kg
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Commercial Roll-in Proofer Room


All in Stainles Steel,Micro-computer touch panel, PU insulation layers, digital senor and timer, auotomatic ariflow circulation system., freezing and time-setting function ,water enter automaticlly


1.Model No.:NFF-232S
2.Proofer Room
3.Capacity:2 trolleys, 64 trays
4.Tray size: 46×72 cm
5.Voltage:380V/50Hz,3 phase,
6.Power:2 Kw
7.Exterior size:191x138x205 cm
8.Packing size:246x116x226 cm
9.N.W/G.W:340 / 377 kg


Separate heat and humidity controls according to your requirement.
1. Heat control

First turn on power switch and the electric heater begin to work .Adjust temperature on the computer controller panel. Press “▲”or “ ▼ ”to set required temperature. All will display the digital windows.

2. Humidity control

Water entering water box automatically and keep the same water position when the watersupply is on. Once the facility need humidity, press “▲”or “▼ ”to set required humidity on the humidity selection panel.

3.Circle of water box located outside

Water boxes for temperature and humidity are both located behind the inter facility. Fan and trough stimulate air up and down convection strongly so as to ensure inter temperature and humidity uniformity. Circle fan begins to work as long as the power is on.

4.Convection of water box located inside

Water boxes for temperature and humidity are both located under the inter facility. Air up and down convection automatically ensures inter temperature and humidity uniformity. This method takes the advantage of maintenance convenient extremely.

Operation method and caution

1. Heating and humidity by electric will cause the temperature uprushed.
Advise to set temperature less 2-3℃ than required and its actual temperature will nearly stabilize at required one.

2. Humidity sensor (black, tied on the fan).

If the humidity sensor exist water, it can not show the humidity correctly. You must let fan blow away water (if humidity don’t display for a long time or the humidity display at high level, it may be covered by water. The solution is to tap sensor, and water flow down naturally) .This function only equip with computer digital display controller.

3.Pay attention temperature sensor not close to wall.

4.Ovens should connect to earth.

5.Don’t allow to close watersupply when the facility works.


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