Commercial Convection Oven

This Commercial Convection Oven suitable for convenience store,restaurant,coffee shop,fast food restaurant,bakery,etc.

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This Commercial Convection Oven suitable for convenience store,restaurant,coffee shop,fast food restaurant,bakery,etc.


1.Imported high-quality fan with surrounding heating tube to provide a stable and fast heating environment
2.Double-layer reinforced tempered glass door, completely sealed to prevent leakage of hot gas in the furnace
3.Enamel chamber,which can stand 800 ℃ high temperature,good insulation effect and heat up is more faster.
4.The chamber equipped high temperature resistant lamp,convenient to monitor food baking at any time
5.Equipped spray function,food baking does not dry out.
6.Circulation heating, and the temperature is in the form of convection motion when cooking, which make the food get heated more evenly.
7.99 minutes timer


1.Model No.:EK02C
5.Chamber Size:460*370*350mm
6.Tray  Size:440*318mm*4
8.Timer:99 minutes

Operation instruction

1.Time control operation (When using the timing function, the timer will also act as power supply, to control the thermostats and heating elements to work, so please make sure you have turn the power switch to “OFF” before using the timer.)

1.1.The baking time can be controlled within 0~120minutes. The indicator light on when the oven starts working.
1.2.Turn the timer clockwise to the desired time.
1.3.After setting, the timer will count backwards to zero, then the power supply automatically off with a “chink” alarm, also the indicator light off at the same time.
1.4.Cooking time depends on the amount of food, the more the food are, the longer the time required.Commercial Convection Oven

2.Top heating operation.

2.1.The top heating element is controlled by the corresponding thermostat and timer.
2.2.Turn the timer knob clockwise to set the needed time.
2.3.Turn the thermostat knob clockwise to set the needed temperature, meanwhile, the indicator light of the top heating element on(temperature range between 0~350℃)
2.4.When the temperature reach the set temperature, the indicator light off, and the heating element stop heating, when the temperature is lower than the set temperature of a certain value, the indicator light on, and the heating element starts heating. All this process is working in an automatic cycle.

3.Heated air convection operation.

3.1.The function of air convection is controlled by thermostat and timer at the same time.
3.2.Turn the timer clockwise to your desired time between 0~120min.
3.3.Turn the thermostat clockwise to your desired temperature between 0~350℃, and the indicator light on at the same time.
3.4.When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the indicator light off and the heating element stop heating. If the temperature is below the set temperature, the heating element will be automatically reheated and the indicator light on.

4.Spray function operation.

4.1.Spray function can only be used when using the air convection function, which can turn the spray into steam in the hot chamber.
4.2.When using the spray function, the temperature in the oven must reach 120℃ at least.
4.3.Press the button of the spray function, the water would be sprayed over the heating element through the fan blade, and produce steam in the chamber.
4.4.The capacity of the steam is depend on how long you pressing the spray function button, but please be careful don’t pressing the button over 5 seconds.
4.5.The required amount of spray is decided by the cook according to what he cooks.
Attention: The spray function can only be used while the timer and thermostat of the air convection are in operation.


1.If you want to clean、repair or move the machine, please pull out the plug first.
2.Please don’t touch the switch or plug with wet hand.
3.The machine can’t be flushed directly, and please be careful don’t let the water flow into the switch when cleaning.
4.Keep the children from touching or using the machine.
5.The ground wire must be connected, all the connection must be reinstated after maintenance.Commercial Convection Oven



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