Commercial Dough Mixer | Restauant Bakery Flour Mixing Machine100L

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Commercial Dough Mixer | Restauant Bakery Flour Mixing Machine


1.Double action,good mixing result
2.The bowl and mixing arm are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
3.With safety cover,the machine stop running once cover was open.
4.The motor erectly fixed behind the bowl and the base is made by heavy cast iron ensure stability.
5.Non-slip mat,shockproof and waterproof
6.With overload protection,safe and efficient
7.National standard copper wore motor,stable and durable
8.Quality standard:CE Certificate


Model No. HS80A HS100A HS130A HS200A
Voltage 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Power 1.5/2.4kw 3/4.5kw 2.8/5.6kw 5/5.7kw
Bowl Volume 80L 100L 130L 200L
Mixing Capacity 25kg 40kg 50kg 75kg
Mixing Speed 210/107 r/min 210/107 r/min 210/107 r/min 210/107 r/min
Bowl Speed 16 r/min 16 r/min 16 r/min 16 r/min
Quality Standard CE CE CE CE
N.W. 439kg 482kg 522Kg 695Kg
Dimension: 1122x682x1305mm 1160x650x1340mm 1222x750x1430mm 1332x950x1510mm

Operation and Important notes

1. Place the nmachine on the horizontal floor, kep it stable, and the environment should keep in the suitable temperature.
2. Check whether the power supply coresponds to that the machine requires, and whether the wires are connected properly.
Warning: The machine must be earthed properly (user’s power supply must have the earth wire).Commercial Dough Mixer | Restauant Bakery Flour Mixing Machine 100L
3. Check the protective cover: Open it, and the machine can’t be started. Fix it, and the machine can be started.
4. Open the protective cover, put suitable flour into the bowl every time(the capacity of the flour can’t exceed the determined maximum).
5. Fill the bowl with water, whose weight is 45-50% of the required flour
6. Put down the protective cover and start the machine.
7. When the dough has been kneaded (probably for 8 minutes, please push stop-button so that the machine can stop working. Then open the protective cover and take out the dough.
8. During working puting hands or hard things into bowl is forbidden. And grabbing dough with hands is dangerous.
9. During working, do not clean. oil or lubricate the machine.


IMPORTANT: AlI maintenance works should be carried out after having unplugged.
During service and maintenance,the motor and parts should be dismounted gradually. And it should to clean the machine and to lubricate the chains and bearings regularly.


1. After use every time, clean the machine carefully. make sure to keep the machine clear and fill lub oil into the lubricated points.
2. Do not start the machine repeatedly; in order to prolong the machine’s service lifetime, the time of continuous running can not be too long
3. Lubricate the chains and main moving parns about once a month.
4. Check the tension of the belts and chains about once six months.Commercial Dough Mixer | Restauant Bakery Flour Mixing Machine100L
5. Check the electric circuit about once a year.

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