16 Trays Luxurious Commercial Dough Proofer

  • Model No.:NFF-16PS
  • Single doors, 16 trays
  • Tray size: 46×72 cm
  • Voltage:220V/50Hz
  • Power:2.4 kw
  • Exterior size:70×100×197 cm
  • Packing size:83×110×212 cm
  • N.W/G.W: 153/203 kg
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Commercial Dough Proofer

  1. Micro-computer touch panel.Humidity and temperature can be controlled separately
  2. Wide-screen glass window,convenient to observe baking process.Stainless steel rack can be easily dismantled for cleaning.
  3. Fully automatic intelligent work,automatic water inlet-outlet,moisture proof dielectric light.
  4. Fully-automatic,anti-dry protection system
  5. Thickened heat preservation layer,effectively preventing energy from scattering.
  6. Quick heating and humidifying system
  7. Unique transfer switch in Winter&summer,adapt to different seasons.Commercial Dough Proofer


1.Model No.:NFF-16PS
2.Single doors, 16 trays
3.Tray size: 46×72 cm
5.Power:2.4 kw
6.Exterior size:70×100×197 cm
7.Packing size:83×110×212 cm
8.N.W/G.W: 153/203 kg


1.What’s the material&thickness of the Luxury proofer?

Material:Stainless steel

Thickness: inside:304 1.0mm outside:201 1.0mm

2.What’s the difference between-this type and Standard one?

Most of them are the same,but the Luxury one has a unique transfer switch in Winter &Summer.

3.What’s the transfer switch in Winter&Summer?What’s it used for?

It can freely switch the pattern of winter and summer.

Summer’s pattern:The temperature is high in summer, so we just need to humidification. Temperature will increases with humidity.

Winter’s pattern:In winter,the temperature and humidity are low,So it need to humidify and heat up.

This system can save energy in summer.

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