Conveyor Type Dishwasher

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Conveyor Type Dishwasher

Acooker Conveyor Type Dishwasher is for school restaurent and factoy restaurent.


The Entrance:1100*700*860
The Exit:1100*700*860
Basket/H: 130 baskets/h
Piece/H: 2600 plates/h
Main Wash Tank Capacity : 91L
Rinse Capacity: 24L
Tank Temp: 50~70° C
Temp Boiler : 75~95° C
Water Pressure: 1.4Bar
Heater Tank: 100 W.
Heater Boiler: 27 KW.
Heater Rinse tank: 9 KW.
Motor Conveyor: 750W.
Motor Pump : 1.5KW
Total Electrical Power: 37KW
Height When Open Machine: 2100MM
Door Entry Height : 400MM
Weight: 230Kg
Spare Parts: entrance table, exit table, spray, dispenser
CE Approval


  • Comfirm the voltage is suitable  for the requirement of the mahine before connect the machine
  • If you want to clean, repair or move the machine, please make the power off to the safe level first
  • Please don’t touch the PCB with  hand when this machine is working.
  • The machine can’t be flushed directly, and please be careful don’t let any water flow into the switch when cleaning.
  • Keep the children from touching or using the machine.

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