Dough divider and rounder automatic dough bun rounding machine

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Dough divider and rounder automatic dough bun rounding machine


1. User-friendly design, dividing & rounding can be completed in one- time, high production efficiency.
2. Dividing completely, non-stick, good rounding.
3. Taiwan imported materials, durable, low failure rate.
4. Imported spare parts, durable and safe.
5. It only takes 13 seconds to finish dividing & rounding, high efficiency.
6. Completely and uniform dividing; good rounding.
7. Easy to operate.


1.Model No.:NFK-30
3.Dough Range::30~100 g
5.Power:0.75 kw
8.Packing:Wooden case
9.Deliver time:7~15 days
10.Payment:T/T,L/C,Paypal,Western Union etc.
11.Special voltage:Can custom-made
12.MOQ:1 pcs
13.Warranty:1 year
16.Price Term:EXW,FOB,CFR,CIF


Q1: What is it used for?Dough divider and rounder automatic dough bun rounding machine
A1: It is used for dividing and rounding the dough.

Q2: How many pcs it can divide and round the dough?
A2: 30pcs.

Q3: What’s the weight range of the dough?
A3: 30-100g.

Q4: How many plates are with the machine?
A4: 3 plates.

Q5: What causes the cracking of the shell painting?
A5: Pls kindly send me the pics I will check with our technicians.

Q6: Why its price higher than NFK-36 so much?
A6: NFK-30 has rounding function, and is more efficient than the NFK-36.

Maintenance Instruction

1.Turn off the Power, and cleaning the blade, plate, etc. with the brush.
2.Put down the machine head and flab the pressurize tube after cleaned.
3.Keep the machine head lubricities. And please use the Food Oil.
4.Please check the slippage axes pedestal every 3 months or found there is leakage. Please add the 32# lube when it lower the 1cm, and not exceed to 2cm.
5.Please check the delivery belt is flab or not every 30 work days (10 work days of new machine), or when the operation is slowly. If it is too flab, you can slack the motor to stable the bolt, and adjust the motor to the moderate place, then stable it.


1.Please do not use, maintain, cleaned the machine without read and understand the manual.
2.Please use the Food Oil to lubricate the machine.
3.Please cut off the power when maintain or cleaned.
4.Do not make any violence action to destroy the machine.
5.Do not touch with the paint when the machine is working, to avoid the paint fall into the paste.
6.Please clean the food sediments when cleaning.Dough divider and rounder automatic dough bun rounding machine
7.Please dried the cleaned plate to the ventilated place. And do not bake, freeze it, to avoid distortion.
8.Please clean the machine head, dust, etc. Before use the new machine or unused it for a long time.

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