32 Pans Capacity Commercial Bakery Dough Retarder Proofer

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Bakery Dough Retarder Proofer

  1. Quick chilling,easy to operate.
  2. Micro computer touch control panel,24 hours automatic programe.
  3. Air swept type chilling system enable the paste frozen in a short time to prevent the water from losing.
  4. High efficient warm spray heating and humidifying system realize well distributed temperature and moisture inside the chamber.
  5.  Automatic constant temperature and humidity monitoring makes the paste exquisite and elastically.Dough Retarder Proofer

1. Model:NFF-32SC
2. Voltage:220V/50Hz
3. Power:3.5Kw
4. Temperature:-5~-40°c
5. Door Qty:2
6. Pan Number:32 pcs
7. N.W.:290kg
8. Dimension:L1260*W1050*H2300mm

1. Model:NFF-16SC
2. Voltage:220V/50Hz
3. Power:2.8kw
4. Temperature:-5~-40°c
5. Door Qty:1
6. Pan Number:16 pcs
7. N.W.:190kg
8. Dimension:L650*W1050*H2300mm


1.What’s the material of the walls? Thickness?

Stainless steel

Inside:304 1.0mm outside:430

2.What’s the brand of the compressor?

Tecumseh, high quality compressor imported from Denmark, .

3.What’s the refrigerant?

We use refrigerant R22(not green) .

4.What’s the advantage over the normal proofers?

(1)It has chilling function.

(2)It has independent refrigeration system and proofing system.

(3)Pu insulation, good heat-preservation effect, full automatic control panel, saving time.

5.Is other type of refrigerant available?

Yes. it can be replaced by refrigerant 134A or 404(environmental) according to customers’ demand.

6.What the lowest temperature does the proofer get?


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