Hotel Industrial Exhaust Oil Fume Purifier(12K-24K Model )

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Hotel Industrial Exhaust Oil Fume Purifier



1.Fume& mist elimination efficiency:>90%.

2.Patented cylindrical honeycomb structure filter cell, ensuring extremely high efficiency of fume & mist elimination.

3.High-end high-frequency high-voltage solid-state transformer with epoxy resin encapsulation, driven by half-bridge switching converter, and is powerful, stable and energy-saving.

4.Multiple protection functions such as electrostatic discharge protection, power over-loading protection and transformer over-heated protection, making it safe and reliable of our facility.Hotel Industrial Exhaust Oil Fume Purifier

5.Detachable structure enables the unit to withstand handling onto various cramped jobsites. Less weight and volume of the unit means more space to the kitchen. Detachable parts are better finished, making the whole unit more attractive and durable.

6.All the material including the stainless steel sheet and the circuit components
(main electronic components apply the international famous brand) has been tested. In the process, the products have been tested by three stages.
Finished products 100% will be tested and have trial operation. Procurement, production and after-sale service have been run strictly under ISO quality Management system.Hotel Industrial Exhaust Oil Fume Purifier

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