Restaurant Automatic Orange Juice Processing Machine

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Orange Juice Processing Machine

The juicer is made up of stainless steel shell,trans-parent plastic cover,food-grade plastic parts(knaggy ball)and remaining collector,The structure is well-organized and rational.It is anti-corrosion,easy to wash.It could produce fresh and delicious juice in a few seconds after operation.It is an ideal machine to make juice and widely used in entertainments,restaurants and hotels.Φ40~80mm oranges suitable for the juicer.The operation is simple and convenient.The rate of the juice is about 40%.The juicer is small and easy to operate,it can produces instantly.The juice is original and tasty,green and trendy.


1.Model No.: 2000E-1
2.Power Supply:220V 50Hz
4.Size of orange:40-80mm ( Diameter)
5.Output:20 Orange/Minute

Before Operation:

1. You are not allowed to change the wire.
2. Check the parts in good condition, especially the cover in proper place(If it presses the switch) otherwise it is difficult to start.

Procedure for operation:

Wash the oranges before putting in the juicer. Put the oranges into the juicercontinuously after starting the juicer. The juice would flow and the remainder would be separated automatically into remaining collector.Orange Juice Processing Machine

After Operation:

The juicer should be washed completely after using. The power should be cut off. Open the cover, take off the balde, peeling and knaggy ball. Wash them completely. Set up the parts in an opposite order before using next.

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