Restaurant Pizza Making Machine

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This Restaurant Pizza Making Machine suitable for pizza restaurant,fast food restaurant,hotel,bakery,etc.


1.Suitable for pizza and bread dough rolling.
2.Fully constructed by contemporary stainless steel.
3.Food safe resin roller.
4.Roller opening from 0.5-5.5mm max.
5.Transparent safety cover for the top and bottom roller.
6.Pedal control can be request as option.
7.Non-voltage release electrical safety operation design with motor overload automatic protection.
8.Quality standard:CE Certificate


1.Model No.:DR-2A
4.Dough Weight:50-500g
5.Pizza  Size:100-300mm
6.Pizza Thickness:0.5-5.5mm


4.1——The machine has the following control devices on the front panel:

A— Red button to stop the machine
B— Green button to start the machine

4.2——functional test

After having plugged the feeding cable in the electric net, the machine is ready for the functional test. To start: press the green button, the machine starts working. To stop: press the red button, the machine will stop working. Start the machine without loading, let it run for one minute and make sure it is functioning perfectly.

4.3——Before every work-cycle, always make sure the machine is perfectly clean, in particular those surfaces that get in touch with the dough. If necessary clean the machine
Warning:Take sundries and hands away from the rollers before turn on the machine!

4.4——Operation for the shaping of round disks

4.4.1 After turning on the machine, you can you can put The small dough(20-500g) which have ferment previously (at least 4 to 6 hours),squash the sides slightly and put some dry flouron it so it can easily go through the upper rollers.Pizza Making Machine

4.5——usage for the shaping of rectangles, squares, and others.
The methods are the same as the point 4.4 .if you want to obtain different shaping dough, you can cut the dough to the approximate shape, for example squares ,rectangle etc. with a knife or a special tool, before introducing the small dough in opening of the highest cover. Then introduce the dough in opening of the highest cover and let it through the roller. you can choose it as following: A )let the dough only through the highest rollers. B) let the dough through both the highest rollers and the lowest rollers. C) let the dough through the highest roller, then turn the dough 90°place by hand rapidly, and let it through the lowest rollers.

4.6——how to regulate the thickness

Regulating the machine can only be recommended as there are different characteristics of :the dough, the weight , the thickness, the size and the shape of the disk. Therefore the correct regulating of the machine must be made by experience. The machine is provided with a medium size regulation for the shapes
of pizza. To obtain different thickness of dough, you may regulate as following:
A) Turn off the machine.
B) Regulate the width between the highest rollers. Pull the black
knot in order to release the lever, and then turn the lever to a proper
position. Clockwise is to reduce the thickness, anti-clockwise is to
increase the thickness.
EX: the width between the upper rollers is twice to the one between the lower rollers.Pizza Making Machine


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