Electric Semi-automatic Dough Divider Rounder

  • Model No.:NFK-30Q
  • Size:640x540x2100mm
  • Dough Range::30~100 g
  • Voltage:220V/50HZ
  • Power:0.75 kw
  • N.W.:360kg
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Semi-automatic Dough Divider Rounder


1.Model No.:NFK-30Q
3.Dough Range::30~100 g
5.Power:0.75 kw


1. Turn on the air switch and the power3, the light will bright.

2. Working with empty, and to check there has any noise and block phenomenon or not.

3. Please cleaning the dust of the machine and the plate25 before turn on the new machine or unused for a long time. And repeat to text the machine with the paste about 2kg, until there are cleaned.

4. Please put the paste in the plastic plate which is mixed according to the prescription, and slack for a while.

5. Put the plate which has the paste into the roll plate25 (there is a aperture and a column pin), please make sure the aperture is aim at the column pin42 or not.
6. Please adjust the height before working, and the height is controlled by the weight adjusting handle 18 which has the figure. When make the paste: 80/gtanule please turns to the 8 scale, and if make 50/gtanule you can turn to 5 scale, then lockup the screw handle. Do not adjust too big or too small.

7. Push down the pressurize tube15 to press the paste after adjust the scale. And compacted the paste to insure it evening cutting.Semi-automatic Dough Divider Rounder

8. Turn the handle40 to right with the left hand, and compact the push down the pressurize tube 15.

9. Flab the pressurize tube15 (make the machine head away from the plate about 1mm), then shelve the roll handle26 to the right lower part, and expedite the speed gradually for 3-5 seconds. The paste is smaller, the time is longer.

10. Replaced the pressurize tube15, and make the partition component take off the paste, and then take out the plate. And the operation is finished.

11. Please close the red Power and the air switch and cleaning it when unused.

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