Toaster Moulding Machine | Bakery Dough Moulder Machine

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Toaster Moulding Machine | Bakery Dough Moulder Machine


1.Oil-immersed dividing system

2.Dough thickness and length are adjustable

3:Cylinders are choromium plated,non-stick


1.Model No.:NFZ-380A
2.Size: 900*700*1130mm
3.The width of the conveyer belt:38cm
4.Processing width:3-40mm
6.Power:1.13 kw
9.Packing:Wooden case
10.Deliver time:15~25 days
11.Payment:T/T,L/C,Paypal,Western Union etc.
12.Special voltage:Can custom-made
13.MOQ:1 pcs
14.Warranty:1 year
17.Price Term:EXW,FOB,CFR,CIF


1. The top small hand wheel is used to adjust the width of the feeding port, and the lock is adjusted before use; the width is based on the principle of sufficient use. When the width is too wide, the dough will exceed the roll surface and cause waste.

2. The two rear large handwheels are used to adjust the gap between the upper and lower two-stage pressing rollers in order to obtain dough with reasonable stiffness and suitable shape. When adjusting, the gap between the upper laminating roller is large and the gap between the lower layers is small, so that the dough can be used in one operation Two times of rolling and stretching are obtained with high efficiency.Toaster Moulding Machine | Bakery Dough Moulder Machine

3. The elasticity of the shaped stainless steel mesh can be adjusted to change the effect of dough processing. The effect of finishing when relaxing is large, and the effect when tightening is small. You can freely choose according to your needs. The shaping net can be removed when pressing the surface separately, and it is very convenient to assemble and disassemble.

4. The shaping plate on the cantilever has a hand wheel to adjust and lift, and the dough is rolled on the special patterned plastic plate at the bottom. The degree of adjustment is adapted to the requirements of the product. It is not used when it is pressed separately.

5. The bracket above the conveyor belt is used to hold materials to save space and is also very convenient for operation.

6. There is a retractable sliding material bending plate under the exit of the conveyor belt. When used, it is pulled out to catch the dough.

Installation instruction

1.All the electrical power unit and circuit connection must be installed by qualified electrician with safety standard.
2.Connection must be based on requirement.Toaster Moulding Machine | Bakery Dough Moulder Machine
3.Make sure the rubber feet have been installed securely.
4.Product should be placed in a well ventilated room on solid platform, and we suggest to leave at least 10cm space between the product and the wall or barriers. Also place the product away from the combustible materials and equipped with fire extinguisher.
5.Remove the packaging film off the surface.
6.The power wire should be connected in accordance with electrical safety standards. Make sure the voltage and frequency conform to the parameter. And please install a double pole switch before connection. When the product working, the voltage error should be under ±10% (PS: the product must be connected to ground.)


1.If you want to clean、repair or move the machine, please pull out the plug first.
2.Please don’t touch the switch or plug with wet hand.Toaster Moulding Machine | Bakery Dough Moulder Machine
3.The machine can’t be flushed directly, and please be careful don’t let the water flow into the switch when cleaning.
4.Keep the children from touching or using the machine.
5.The ground wire must be connected, all the connection must be reinstated after maintenance.

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