Commercial Hotel Carpet Extractor



Commercial Hotel Carpet Extractor


1.Model No.:K101
2.Suction vacuum:2000mmH2O
3.Total power rating:1300W
4.Water tank capacity:32L
5.Recovery tank capacity:20L
6.Cleaning width:40cm
7.Minimum radius:65cm
8.Operating tension:220V/50Hz
9.Brush pressure:0~10kg.f
10.Net weight:80kg
11.Machine dimensions:102×52×92cm
12.Carton dimension:129×64×105cm


1.Three-in-one carpet extractor, mainly designed for carpet cleaning, brushes, cleans and dries carpet simultaneously.

2.Especial 4-row spray nozzle and high speed rolling brush clean carpet fiber copmletey. Suction pump with light solution tankis able to recycle large amounts of waste water.

3.Hand-held washing parts are designed for carpet coner.25meters long suction pipe and hing pressure water steak can clean the whole room without moving the extractor

4.It is simple to operate and perform successfully for various cleaning.

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