Standing Electric Chicken steak Fryer 18Liters

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Standing Electric Chicken steak Fryer 18Liters


Acooker Standing Electric Chicken steak Fryer 18Liters,gas,countertop L450XW610XH980mm,0.8mm tick steel plate,manual controls,stainless steel front,side,

trough & splash guards.


  • Heavy gauge stainless steel construction luxurious and beautiful
  • Removable heating head with lock and safety cut out
  • This machine can fry all kinds of foods without the Taint of odor. No oil smoke, this can ensure the health of the operator
  •  This deep frying machine is with characteristics of controlling the temperature automatically, even heating, can keep stable temperature and the nutrition of frying foods.
  • Easy operation, one person can operate it
  • Extreme-big heating power,rapid temperature increase
  • High-efficiency and energy saving,easy to clean
  • Strong stainless steel frying basket
Model Capacity(L) Voltage(V) Power(kW) Dimension(mm)
EFP-18/C 18 220-380 6-9 450X610X980


  • Stainless steel body
  • Movable cover
  • Safety Power
  • Movable oil filter tank
  • Adjustable chrome plated legs

Additional Details

Reliable Even-Cooking Tank Provides Outstanding Performance for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Menu Items. This series of fry features exclusive plate temperature sensors which respond to temperature fluctuations quickly. Individual thermostatically controlled burners every tanks maintain consistent temperatures under heavy load conditions. Precise thermostats allow separate heat zones for different products. Cook foods to golden perfection with Standing Electric Chicken steak Fryer 18Litersers.


  • Comfirm the pressure is suitable  for the requirement of the mahine before connect the machine
  • If you want to clean, repair or move the machine, please make the temperature going down to the safe level first
  • Please don’t touch the tank with  hand when this machine is working.
  • The machine can’t be flushed directly, and please be careful don’t let any water flow into the switch when cleaning.
  • Keep the children from touching or using the machine.


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