Hotel Lobby chandelier living room lamp luxury hotel Lamp meeting room hall lamp

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Hotel Lobby chandelier living room lamp luxury hotel Lamp meeting room hall lamp



3.Light Source:LED,E27

4.Bulbs Include:Exclude


Please test the power first before installation:

Please test the power before installation. (Lamps are fully inspected when leaving the factory. However, the possibility of the lamp head wires becoming loose during transportation cannot be ruled out. To avoid installation trouble, be sure to test the power before installation. )

Please compare to satisfaction before installation:

Please compare the size and color to see if they are suitable for your home, and then install them. Because it is difficult for ordinary people to grasp the space and color, it is easy to buy and install them in a hurry and then find that they are not suitable. In such a situation, returns are not supported (because after the installation of the lamps, it is like washing the purchased clothes. It is the same reason that items cannot be returned after water has passed. It does not comply with the regulations on returns and exchanges without reason, so it can easily cause unnecessary losses to you, so please be sure to make sure before installation.)

It is prohibited to disassemble the interior of the lamp without permission:

Non-professionals are prohibited from disassembling the internal structure of the lamp, otherwise they will be responsible for the consequences! (It can be disassembled in only two situations. A. If there is a problem with the lamp, it can be disassembled under the guidance of factory technicians. B. A professional electrician can disassemble it if necessary for installation.)

Please confirm the installation height before installation:

Before installing a linear chandelier, please be sure to inform the electrician about the required installation height of the lamp, and the excess wires can be retracted into the ceiling plate without cutting. (After our many years of experience, we often encounter buyers My friend and the electrician did not explain clearly, which resulted in the installation height of the lamp being inappropriate and requiring secondary installation, resulting in unnecessary losses).Hotel Lobby chandelier living room lamp luxury hotel Lamp meeting room hall lamp


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