Stainless Steel Desktop Industrial Fridge Freezer(Good)

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Stainless Steel Desktop Industrial Fridge Freezer


1.High density insulation for cooling system
2.Static or ventilated system are available
3.s/s AlSI304 as our standard.
4.GN1/1 shelf size for operation
5.Europe brand controller
6.100mm to 300mm backsplesh are available
7.Round corner hygiene
8.Inner bottom use round border
9.Defrost automaticly
11.Slicder for compressor unlit to maintinence easily
12.S/S top sparetely to interchange with marble
13.S/S top special design for ventilated space
14.Castor is available
15.Futurer high cquality heavy duty slider
16.Solild door can interchange by drawer.
17.Ventilated hole to help fresh air smoothly.
18.Embraco compressor
19.Ebm fan
20.E-coated evaporator
21.Glass door is available
22.Light led is available


1.Model No.: GN3140BT
2.Size (L*W*H mm):1795*700*850mm
5.Type of cooling :Ventilated
6.Temperature:-18 ~-22℃
11.Auto defrost:Yes
12.Adjustable Height Feet:yes
13.Self-closing Door:yes
14.Digital Controller:yes
15.Famous Brand Compressor:yes


This Industrial Fridge Freezer has been produced be internally or externally in its aesthetics and componability in response to the specific exigencies of our clientele furthermore it has been mechanically and aesthetically checked in every aspect before dispatch. For the correct utilization of equipment: carefully read the instructions, observe all the recommendations contained therein, consign this manual which constitutes an internal part of the essence of the equipment to the end user who is requested to retain it for future consultation. By observing these recommendations, you willguarantee the extended trouble-free operation of the equipment.

Initial cleaning:

Before use Industrial Fridge Freezer,all parts of the cabinet should be cleaned.For the walls and all the internal parts use and antibacterial detergent.For the plastic parts use a moistened cloth.Dry with a soft clean cloth. Use little or no water. Do not use harsh or abrasive solvents or detergents.During cleaning do not approach bare-handed those parts which could cut(evaporator, condenser, etc) and always use protective gloves.

Electrical connection:

Check that the supply conforms to the requirements listed on the factory label and that it is provided with a fail-safe protection or automatic circuit breaker with an efficient earth connection. Should there not be an electrical safety feature, have this introduced by a qualified person, by means of a omnipolar switch as indicated in the safety regulations with a minimum clearance of the contacts of 3 mm.Where the cabinet has to beinstalled at some distance from the electrical source, ensure that the connection conforms to the local regulations.Industrial Fridge Freezer are provided with anappropriate plug fitted with a neutral and earth: the supply cable must be well stretched(avoid coiling and superimposition). It must not be exposed to the possibility of damage by third parties. It should not be in contact with liquids, water or heat sources, in the event of damage, it must be replaced by qualified personnel.Always avoid the use of reducers or adapters.

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