Customized Colorful Steel Locker for Staff Cabinet and Storage

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Customized Colorful Steel Locker for Staff Cabinet and Storage

The design & engineering team provides a suitable solution based on your on-site conditions and provides you with CAD detailed drawings to avoid inconsistencies between the products produced and the site. Once the solution is confirmed, a 3D rendering can be provided to confirm whether you like the style and color combination.

Lockers Technical support 
Installation guidance: We have a highly skilled construction team that can serve project sites around the world.
We use 4 layers of protection to package and ship our products. Afterwards, we will provide information tracking services for the product. If any panels are extruded and deformed during transportation, which affects the partition installation, please contact us.
After multiple processes, all boards have reached the national environmental protection E1 level.

Steel Locker for Staff Advantage
1. All-steel structure, high strength, high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, thickened plate, smooth surface and not easy to deform, providing a layer of protection and longer service life
2. Green and environmentally friendly spraying, using phosphorus-free electrostatic powder spraying to increase wear resistance, the paint surface will not flow, making it more beautiful and smooth
3. Colorful colors, you can choose as you like, you can match the colors according to your needs
4. Large storage space capacity, making the use environment more comfortable and tidy
5. Professional customization, exquisite and practical products, high quality while showing simplicity
6. Security protection against prying, high safety factor, flexible opening, effectively ensuring the safety of storage

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