Hotel Project List | Hospitality Project | Hotel Construction Trend China

Hotel Project List Hospitality Project Hotel Construction Trend China

Hotel Project List | Hospitality Project | Hotel Construction Trend China

China’s hotel industry is experiencing a period of robust growth and significant expansion, marked by numerous high-profile projects and strategic developments across the country. Here’s an extensive overview of various hotel projects currently underway or recently completed, illustrating the scale and diversity of this booming sector.

Major Cities and Regional Developments


Shanghai, one of China’s most vibrant and economically significant cities, continues to attract substantial hotel investments. The city has 117 hotel projects in the pipeline, contributing 22,539 rooms to its hospitality sector​ (China Travel News)​.

  1. The Shanghai EDITION: This luxurious project combines historical and contemporary elements, offering an upscale experience with state-of-the-art amenities.
  2. Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund: Set in a historical building, this hotel blends old-world charm with modern luxury.


Chengdu is another key city with significant hotel development activity, boasting 132 projects that will add 26,891 rooms to its accommodation offerings​ (China Travel News)​.

  1. Raffles Chengdu: Positioned as a high-end luxury hotel, Raffles Chengdu aims to cater to both business and leisure travelers.
  2. Canopy by Hilton Chengdu City Centre: This project targets the younger demographic with its trendy and vibrant design.

Hotel Project List  Hospitality Project  Hotel Construction Trend China


Guangzhou, an important trade hub, has 108 ongoing hotel projects totaling 23,492 rooms​ (China Travel News)​.

  1. Conrad Guangzhou: This hotel offers sophisticated luxury in the heart of Guangzhou’s bustling Tianhe District.Hotel Project List | Hospitality Project | Hotel Construction Trend China
  2. Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou: Known for its stunning architecture and panoramic city views, this hotel epitomizes luxury and elegance.


Hangzhou, renowned for its scenic beauty and historical significance, is seeing the development of 102 hotel projects with 21,519 rooms​ (China Travel News)​.

  1. Amanfayun: A luxury resort that immerses guests in the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Hangzhou.
  2. Park Hyatt Hangzhou: Situated in the heart of the business district, this hotel combines modern luxury with traditional aesthetics.


Xi’an, famous for its historical and cultural landmarks, has 96 hotel projects underway, adding 17,297 rooms to the city’s hospitality landscape​ (China Travel News)​.

  1. W Xi’an: This hotel blends contemporary style with Xi’an’s rich history, offering a unique and luxurious experience.
  2. Sofitel Legend People’s Grand Hotel Xi’an: A landmark hotel that offers a blend of historical charm and modern luxury.

Brand-Specific Expansions


Hilton is making significant inroads into the Chinese market with a robust pipeline of projects. The company leads the pack with 358 projects under its Hampton by Hilton brand, and an additional 98 projects under the Hilton Garden Inn brand​ (China Travel News)​​ (Business Traveller)​.

  1. Hampton by Hilton Chengdu Waishuangnan: This project aims to provide affordable luxury in one of Chengdu’s fastest-growing areas.
  2. Hilton Garden Inn Shenzhen Bao’an: Located in a major industrial district, this hotel caters to business travelers with modern amenities and services.

Marriott International

Marriott continues to expand its footprint in China with a strategic focus on both luxury and select-service segments. The company plans to open 30 new hotels across Greater China​ (Business Traveller)​.

  1. The Ritz-Carlton, Nanjing: A high-end luxury hotel that combines opulence with exceptional service.Hotel Project List | Hospitality Project | Hotel Construction Trend China
  2. Fairfield by Marriott Hangzhou Xihu District: Aimed at providing comfortable and affordable lodging, this hotel targets the mid-market segment.

Hotel Project List  Hospitality Project  Hotel Construction Trend China

Notable Upcoming Projects

Sun Tower in Yantai

Designed by OPEN Architecture, the Sun Tower is poised to become a cultural landmark in Yantai. Scheduled for completion in 2024, this project emphasizes the relationship between man and nature and will feature a variety of cultural programs​ (ArchDaily)​.

Shopping District in Xi’an by Heatherwick Studio

This ambitious project by Heatherwick Studio integrates a hotel, offices, apartments, green spaces, and social areas, all while celebrating Xi’an’s ceramic heritage. The development spans 111,000 square meters and is expected to open in 2024​ (ArchDaily)​.

Expansion Trends and Strategic Focus

The expansion of China’s hotel industry is driven by several key trends and strategic focuses:

  1. Dual-Brand Projects: Companies like Marriott are increasingly adopting dual-brand strategies to maximize market reach and operational efficiency. This involves combining two brands within the same property to cater to different market segments​ (Business Traveller)​.
  2. Franchise-Plus Model: This model, used by brands such as Marriott, involves a higher level of brand involvement and support, ensuring consistency and quality across franchised properties​ (Business Traveller)​.
  3. Focus on Second- and Third-Tier Cities: With major cities reaching saturation, many hotel brands are expanding into smaller cities like Foshan and Changchun, which are experiencing rapid economic growth and increasing tourism​ (Business Traveller)​.
  4. Sustainability and Cultural Integration: New projects are increasingly focusing on sustainability and integrating local cultural elements. This trend is evident in projects like the Sun Tower in Yantai and the Xi’an shopping district by Heatherwick Studio​ (ArchDaily)​.

Luxury Segment Growth

The luxury hotel segment in China is expanding rapidly, with numerous high-end projects slated for completion in the coming years:

  1. Rosewood Guangzhou: This hotel offers unparalleled luxury and occupies the top floors of one of the city’s tallest buildings, providing breathtaking views and world-class amenities.
  2. Bulgari Hotel Beijing: Blending Italian luxury with Chinese cultural elements, this hotel caters to the ultra-wealthy with its opulent design and exclusive services.

Mid-Market and Select-Service Growth

The mid-market and select-service segments are also seeing significant growth, driven by increasing domestic travel and demand for affordable yet comfortable accommodation:

  1. Holiday Inn Express Zhuhai Gongbei: Targeting budget-conscious travelers, this hotel offers modern amenities and convenient locations at a reasonable price.
  2. ibis Styles Beijing Capital Airport: This hotel provides stylish and affordable lodging options near one of China’s busiest airports, catering primarily to business travelers.

Regional Highlights

Yunnan Province

Yunnan is witnessing a surge in hotel developments, driven by its natural beauty and cultural diversity:Hotel Project List | Hospitality Project | Hotel Construction Trend China

  1. Le Méridien Tengchong: Located in Napa Town, this hotel focuses on wellness and relaxation, featuring extensive spa facilities and multiple dining options​ (THP News)​.
  2. InterContinental Kunming: Offering luxury in a serene setting, this hotel appeals to both leisure and business travelers with its extensive conference facilities and resort-style amenities.

Hainan Province

Hainan, often referred to as the “Hawaii of China,” continues to attract significant hotel investments due to its tropical climate and booming tourism industry:

  1. Sanya EDITION: A luxury resort that offers a blend of natural beauty and sophisticated design, catering to high-end travelers.
  2. Ritz-Carlton Haikou: Positioned on Hainan’s northern coast, this hotel combines luxury with extensive recreational facilities, including a world-class golf course.

Hotel Project List  Hospitality Project  Hotel Construction Trend China

Technological Integration

Many new hotel projects in China are integrating advanced technologies to enhance guest experiences and operational efficiency:

  1. AI and Robotics: Hotels like the FlyZoo Hotel by Alibaba in Hangzhou use AI and robots to provide seamless service, from check-in to room service.
  2. Smart Rooms: Many new hotels offer smart rooms equipped with IoT devices, allowing guests to control lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems via smartphone apps.


China’s hotel industry is in the midst of an unprecedented expansion, driven by both domestic demand and international tourism. The range of projects spans luxury resorts, mid-market hotels, and select-service properties, ensuring a diverse and vibrant hospitality landscape. With continued investment and innovation, China is set to become one of the world’s leading hotel markets, offering unparalleled experiences to travelers from around the globe.Hotel Project List | Hospitality Project | Hotel Construction Trend China

This detailed overview captures the essence of China’s hotel development boom, highlighting key projects, trends, and strategic directions shaping the industry. Whether targeting luxury travelers or budget-conscious guests, the ongoing and upcoming hotel projects in China exemplify a dynamic and rapidly evolving market.

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