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How to safely use restaurant natural gas stove?

How to safely use restaurant natural gas stove

1、The use of natural gas must keep the room well ventilated.

2、The use of natural gas must install a flue for exhaust gas, and the exhaust gas must be discharged in the atmosphere.

3、Use a safe stove with automatic flameout protection device.

4、If natural gas leaks and other abnormalities are found, the gas source must be turned off in time and the gas company must be notified to handle the situation and must not be dismantled or repaired by itself.

5, The hose connected to the stove to use gas special hoses, frequent inspection, regular replacement.

6, The use of open fire to check the natural gas leak is strictly prohibited.

7、Newly installed and modified natural gas lines must be reported to the gas company for processing, no one shall modify, newly installed or disassembled natural gas piping on their own.

9、Kitchen operators must be professionally trained to master the basic knowledge of safe operation of the gas stove.

10, Before each operation should check the integrity of the stove, check whether the stove has gas leaks, such as gas leaks are strictly prohibited to operate, is strictly prohibited to turn on the electrical switch, should be reported in time for repair.

11、 Staff should open the explosion-proof exhaust fan before entering the kitchen in order to clear the natural gas accumulated in the room.

12, Ignition, must implement the “fire and gas” principle, never “gas and fire”, that is, first ignite the hidden fire source, and then open the ignition appliance gas supply switch, ignite the ignition appliance, the point appliance close to the stove burner, and finally open the burner gas supply switch, and Ignite the burner.

13, All kinds of stove switch, must be opened and closed by hand, not allowed to open and close with other appliances knocking.

14, Each time the restaurant natural  gas stove is finished, the gas supply switch should be closed immediately, after each meal, the kitchen staff in charge should carefully check whether the gas supply switch is closed well, the end of each day to close the kitchen total gas supply valve, and then close the valve of each stove.

15, Often do a good job of stove cleaning and maintenance work in a timely manner to remove the grease in the hood, in order to ensure the safe use of the stove.

16, No unrelated personnel may not use the stove, found the problem should immediately report to the competent leadership and security department, and promptly close the gas supply valve.

17、Master the necessary knowledge of fire prevention and extinguishing and the use of fire-fighting equipment.

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