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Is the layut of your hotel and restaurant kitchen design reasonable?

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Is the layut of your hotel and restaurant kitchen design reasonable?

The rapid development of today’s economy, more and more units and restaurants began to pay attention to a reasonable kitchen layout and kitchen equipment with the perfect match. An ideal design programme not only allows the chef and the relevant departments to work closely with the staff in order, but also for the production of delicious food to provide a good and comfortable environment. On the contrary, a shoddy design, may be due to the kitchen equipment arrangement is not reasonable, resulting in the chef to use when not smooth, can not give play to its superior cooking skills and directly affect the quality of the output. Because food safety is the ingredients, equipment and chef together to ensure.

Is the kitchen layut of your restaurant kitchen design reasonable?

What is kitchen layout?

Hotel and restaurant kitchen design layout refers to the rational arrangement of the flow of various processes in the kitchen area and the specific location of various kitchen equipment, instruments and utensils in the kitchen. Scientific design and layout can help the kitchen to reduce waste, reduce costs, facilitate management, improve the quality of work, increase productivity and reduce staff turnover.

The main processes in kitchen production are as follows: buying and receiving raw materials, roughing (slaughtering, soaking, etc.), washing, cutting, cooking, cold dishes, desserts, delivery of products, clean up the table, tableware washing and so on.

At the same time, the production in the kitchen also involves the use of a large number of kitchen equipment, therefore, the location of the processes and facilities and equipment, etc. in the kitchen layout is reasonable or not, which directly affects the efficiency of the kitchen, cost and quality of production.

Kitchen layout of the regional arrangements

The regional arrangement of the catering production place refers to the characteristics of catering production, reasonable arrangement of the production sequence and the spatial distribution of production. Generally speaking, a comprehensive restaurant, according to its products and workflow, its production place can be roughly divided into three areas.

1. Raw material receiving, storage and processing area

Kitchen processing storage area is specifically responsible for the processing of raw materials required for the kitchen and storage operations, processing storage area layout is the most important point is the acceptance, storage and processing arrangements in a process, which not only facilitates the storage of raw materials, collaterals and processing, but also shorten the handling distance of the raw materials to improve work efficiency.
The hotel and restaurant kitchen design layout of this area, should be close to the entrance of raw materials. Area of dry storage, cold storage, freezer, etc., and the corresponding office and the appropriate size of the processing room, according to the scope and extent of processing, to determine the size of its area.

Is the kitchen layut of your restaurant kitchen design reasonable?

2.Cooking area

This area should include a cold food room, a pastry room, a food processing room, a cooker room, and a corresponding small cold room and a swing space. This kitchen equipment area is the core of restaurant and hotel kitchens, is the centralised production area for meals and food quality assurance, so the office should be set up to monitor and control the kitchen from a perspective, the cold food room, pastry room, the office should be separated, and the food processing room and the cooker room can be left unseparated.

Is the kitchen layut of your restaurant kitchen design reasonable?

3.Meal preparation and washing areas

The hotel and restaurant kitchen design layout should include a meal preparation room, a cutlery washing room and a suitable cutlery storage room. Small kitchens can be simply separated by worktops.

Is the kitchen layut of your restaurant kitchen design reasonable?

Kitchen layout according to the process flow, must be a line layout, to ensure a smooth workflow, continuous, to avoid the phenomenon of reflux, food and beverage production from the purchase of raw materials to start, after processing and cutting to cook the ingredients, is a continuous, step-by-step work. Therefore. Kitchen raw materials into the supply and use of routes, dishes cooking assembly and production routes, to avoid cross backflow, pay particular attention to preventing cooking dishes line and receiving, washing dishes line staggered in order to improve the efficiency of the kitchen staff, to avoid blockages or accidents.

Common kitchen equipment layout type

The type of hotel and restaurant kitchen design layout should be based on the structure, area, height and specific specifications of the kitchen equipment, there are several types of reference.

1. Linear Layout

This means that all heating equipment such as cookers, fryers, ovens, etc. are laid out in a straight line. Usually arranged according to the wall, placed in a rectangular ventilation hood, centralised layout of heating equipment, centralised suction and exhaust fumes, each chef in accordance with the division of labour is responsible for certain dishes cooked relatively fixed, the required equipment and tools are distributed in the left and right and nearby. It is suitable for the kitchen of large-scale catering enterprises with a high degree of division of labour and cooperation, a large site area and relative concentration.

2. Back-to-back layout

The main cooking equipment, such as cooking and frying equipment and steaming equipment, respectively, in two groups of back-to-back combination in the kitchen, separated by a low wall in the middle, placed under the same exhaust hood, the cooks stand relative to each other for operation.

3. L-type layout

This hotel and restaurant kitchen design layout is usually set along the wall of the kitchen equipment into a nook, the gas stove, grill, grill, grill plate, frying pan, wok and other commonly used equipment in one side of the combination of some other larger equipment in the other side of the combination of the two sides of the connection into a nook, the centralised heating and exhaust fumes. When the kitchen area and kitchen building structure is not conducive to do linear layout, often using L layout. This layout is widely used in general restaurant kitchens or bakery, pastry room. 4.

4. U-shaped layout

U-shaped layout of the workbench, freezers and heating equipment placed along the perimeter, leaving an exit for personnel, raw materials in and out of the product can be opened from the window delivery. When the kitchen area is small, this layout can be used, such as pastry room, cold room, hot pot raw material preparation room. u-type kitchen layout can make full use of the existing workspace, improve work efficiency.

Is the kitchen layut of your restaurant kitchen design reasonable?1

We believe that in the design of kitchen equipment, the entire kitchen layout should be based on the site situation and the function of the restaurant, the requirements of reasonable arrangements and design, should be fully considered at the same time the future construction, installation and acceptance of the situation.
Understand the established dishes of the customer’s kitchen, the design is centred on this.

Kitchen equipment with energy-saving and environmental protection functions should be used.

Strictly follow the principle of storing raw and cooked food separately to ensure kitchen dietary hygiene.

Shorten the conveying process as much as possible, so that the way is clear.

Reasonable arrangement of kitchen space and working position, each functional area is clear, not only independent of each other but also communicating with each other to ensure that the chef can perform their respective duties, division of labour and co-operation, to improve the output and quality.

Kitchen exhaust, exhaust system, should ensure that the oil smoke completely out of the kitchen and smooth air circulation without a sense of hot and stuffy as the basic goal, and strive to create a comfortable working environment for the kitchen staff of all departments.

Kitchen sewage, exhaust systems should be in line with relevant local environmental laws and regulations and requirements.

Kitchen equipment is not a high-tech products, but this is a strict system engineering, involving a number of related professional knowledge. Therefore, the technical support of professional companies is more important. An ideal commercial kitchen overall solution, can let the chef staff and equipment coordination, for the production of delicious food to provide a good and comfortable environment.

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