Corten Steel Luxury Fireplace Barbeque Cast Iron

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Wood Stove/Fireplace manufacture in China
Our wood stove products are mainly featured by excellent design, good performance and long durability. Offering you competitive price and good service, we warmly welcome you to buy the famous brands’ wood stove with our Fireplace manufacture in China.
Our unique Pre-heated Tertiary Air System, where the combustion air passes into the top of the fire chamber through an extremely hot cast iron backplate, ensures cleaner burning – even at the end of the burn cycle.

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Material Cast Iron , Refractory bricks ,NEG glass,Forest brand paint.
Product standard CE EN13240

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Things to note when using a fireplace:
1. Precautions for ignition: Use small dry wooden strips or a few newspaper balls to ignite. Do not use gasoline or other explosive fuels to prevent fire.
2. Please use recommended solid wood, machine-made charcoal and other fuels.
3. The chimney should be unclogged at least once every two years. Or clear it at any time according to usage.
4. After using the furnace, be sure to wait until the furnace body is completely cooled before pouring out the ashes in the ash box to prevent accidents.
5. Keep the furnace door closed during use.
6. During the first use, there will be a smell of paint within a day or two, which is normal. Keep the room ventilated.
7. It is strictly forbidden to touch the chimney with bare hands during use of the stove to avoid burns.
8. During the installation of the chimney, if there is a wooden structure passing through the wall or roof, please use insulation materials to prevent the chimney from overheating and causing a fire.


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