Commercial Four Burners Gas Range With Gas Oven,Heavy Duty,23Kw,900 Series

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Commercial Four Burners Gas Range With Gas Oven

Acooker Commercial Four Burners Gas Range With Gas Oven is for restaurant and hotel.


  • Model No.:MH900-RQ-4
  • Fuel:LPG/Nature Gas
  • Dimension:800*900*(850+70)mm
  • Power:23(BTU:78476)
  • N/W:130kg
  • SS304 counter top,2.0mm thickness
  • SS304 body


  • Stabilized-flame gas burners
  • Safety valves fitted with thermocouple
  • Burner with stainless steel drip pans
  • Easy cleaning burner
  • European standard burner,2 small power and 2 big power
  • All 304 stainless steel body,rust-proof
  • Strong construction,heavy duty
  • Electric direct spark ignition,flame failure safety device for each control
  • Adjustable legs
  • Devices are preset to city gas,natural gas or LPG
  • Widely used in restaurants and star hotels.



These ranges are built to withstand heavy and continuous use in commercial settings. They are made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, which ensures longevity even under demanding conditions.

2.High Heat Output:

Commercial gas range typically have powerful burners that can generate high heat levels quickly. This allows for efficient cooking and faster preparation times, essential in busy kitchen environments.


With multiple burners and an oven, these ranges provide versatility in cooking a variety of dishes simultaneously. Chefs can use different burners for various cooking tasks while utilizing the oven for baking or roasting.

4.Even Heat Distribution:

The oven in these ranges is designed to distribute heat evenly, ensuring consistent cooking results across all trays or shelves. This is crucial for achieving uniform cooking and avoiding hot spots in baked goods.

5.Space Efficiency:

Combining burners and an oven in one unit saves valuable kitchen space, especially in smaller commercial kitchens where maximizing space is essential.

6.Increased Productivity:

Having multiple burners and an oven in a single unit allows chefs to multitask and cook larger batches of food simultaneously. This can lead to increased productivity and faster service during peak hours.

7.Professional Appearance:

Commercial gas range with ovens are designed to have a sleek and professional appearance, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen and enhancing the overall ambiance of the establishment.



These ranges are ideal for restaurants of all types, from small diners to upscale eateries. Chefs can use the burners for sautéing, boiling, simmering, and frying, while the oven can be utilized for baking, roasting, and broiling a wide range of dishes.

2.Catering Businesses:

Caterers often need to prepare large quantities of food on-site for events such as weddings, parties, and corporate functions. A commercial gas range with an oven provides the versatility and capacity needed to handle diverse menu items efficiently.

3.Bakeries and Pastry Shops:

The oven component of these ranges is essential for baking bread, pastries, cakes, and other baked goods. The burners can also be used for tasks such as melting chocolate, caramelizing sugar, or making sauces and fillings.

4.Food Trucks and Mobile Catering:

Space is limited in food trucks and mobile catering setups, making compact yet versatile cooking equipment essential. A heavy-duty gas range with an oven allows food truck operators to cook a variety of menu items in a small footprint.

5.Hotels and Banquet Halls:

Large hotels and banquet facilities often have extensive kitchen operations to cater to guests and events. Commercial gas range with ovens are essential for preparing meals efficiently and consistently, whether it’s for room service, buffet service, or formal dining.

6.Institutional Kitchens:

Schools, hospitals, correctional facilities, and other institutions require durable and efficient cooking equipment to serve large numbers of people. Heavy-duty gas range with ovens can handle the demands of institutional cooking while providing consistent results.

7.Multi-Purpose Kitchens:

Some establishments, such as culinary schools, cooking studios, or test kitchens, may require versatile cooking equipment that can accommodate various cooking techniques and teaching needs. A commercial gas range with an oven fits well in such environments.

8.Research and Development Kitchens:

Food manufacturers and research institutions may use commercial gas range with ovens for developing and testing new recipes, food products, and cooking techniques on a larger scale.


  • Comfirm the gas pressure is suitable  for the requirement of the mahine before connect the machine
  • If you want to clean, repair or move the machine, please make the gas off to the safe level first
  • Please don’t touch the burner with  hand when this machine is working.
  • The machine can’t be flushed directly, and please be careful don’t let any water flow into the switch when cleaning.
  • Keep the children from touching or using the machine.

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