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Bakery Shop Equipment List

Bakery Shop Equipment List

Baking Equipment:

1.Commercial Ovens:
-Deck ovens, convection ovens, or rack ovens for baking various items.
2.Dough Mixers:
-Stand mixers or spiral mixers for mixing and kneading dough.
3.Dough Sheeter:
-For rolling out dough to a consistent thickness.
4.Proofing Cabinets:
-To provide a controlled environment for dough rising.
5.Bread Slicer:
-For slicing loaves of bread uniformly.
6.Pastry Bag and Tips:
-For decorating cakes and pastries.
7.Baking Sheets and Pans:
-Various sizes and types for different baked goods.
8.Cooling Racks:
-For cooling baked items evenly.
9.Pastry Brushes:
-For applying egg wash or glaze.

Front-of-House Equipment:

1.Display Cases:
-Refrigerated and non-refrigerated cases for showcasing baked goods.
2.Bread Baskets:
-For displaying and serving bread.
3.Cake Stands:
-Elegant stands for showcasing cakes.
4.Point of Sale (POS) System:
-Registers and software for order processing and payments.
5.Cash Register:
-For handling cash transactions.
6.Bakery Boxes and Packaging:
-Containers for packaging baked goods.

General Bakery Equipment:

1.Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers:
-For storing ingredients, fillings, and perishables.
-For cleaning baking tools, utensils, and dishes.
3.Bakery Utensils:
-Mixing bowls, spatulas, pastry cutters, and other baking tools.
4.Baking Scales:
-For measuring ingredients accurately.
5.Ingredient Bins:
-Containers for storing bulk ingredients like flour and sugar.
6.Rolling Pins:
-For rolling out dough.
7.Bakery Display Shelving:
-For organizing and displaying baked goods.
8.Coffee Machine:
-If offering coffee or espresso drinks.
9.Ambient Lighting:
-To create an inviting atmosphere.
10.Cleaning Supplies:
-Cleaning chemicals, mops, and sanitation tools.
-Aprons and uniforms for bakery staff.
12.Security System:
-Cameras and alarms for security.
13.Menu Boards or Displays:
-Clearly visible menu with prices.and other Bakery Shop Equipment List

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