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Cafe List | Cafe Equipment List

Cafe List | Cafe Equipment Include:

Coffee Brewing Equipment:

1.Espresso Machine:

-High-quality machine for making espresso-based drinks.

2.Coffee Grinder:

-Burr grinder for grinding fresh coffee beans.

3.Pour-Over Coffee Station:

-For manual coffee brewing methods like pour-over or Chemex.

4.Coffee Drip Brewers:

-Automatic drip coffee machines for larger batches.

5.French Press:

-For brewing coffee with coarser grounds.

6.Cold Brew Coffee Maker:

-Equipment for preparing and serving cold brew coffee.

Beverage Equipment:

1.Tea Brewer or Infuser:

-For brewing loose-leaf tea or tea bags.

2.Steam Wand or Frother:

-To froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos.

3.Hot Water Dispenser:

-For making tea or other hot beverages.


-For preparing smoothies, frappes, or blended drinks.

5.Soda Fountain or Sparkling Water Dispenser:

-If offering carbonated beverages.

Display and Service Equipment:

1.Refrigerated Display Case:

-For showcasing pastries, sandwiches, and desserts.

2.Bakery Display Baskets:

-To present baked goods.

3.Cake Stand or Pedestals:

-For displaying cakes or featured items.

4.Undercounter Refrigerator:

-Additional refrigeration for storing beverages and ingredients.

5.Countertop Food Warmer:

-For heating pre-made sandwiches or pastries.

Kitchen Equipment:

1.Panini Press or Sandwich Grill:

-For making toasted sandwiches.

2.Convection Oven or Toaster Oven:

-For baking and toasting.


-For heating quick items.

4.Food Processor:

-Useful for chopping, blending, and food preparation.

Front-of-House Equipment:

1.POS System:

-Point of sale system for order processing and payments.

2.Cash Register:

-For handling cash transactions.

3.Display Shelving:

-For retailing coffee beans, mugs, or other merchandise.

4.Menu Boards or Displays:

-Clearly visible menu with prices.

General Cafe Equipment:

1.Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer:

-For storing milk, cream, and perishable items.

2.Ice Maker:

-For iced drinks.

3.Dishwashing Station:

-Industrial dishwasher or sinks for dishwashing.

4.Trash Bins and Recycling Stations:

-For waste disposal and recycling.

5.Cleaning Supplies:

-Cleaning chemicals, cloths, and equipment.


-Tables, chairs, and comfortable seating for customers.

7.Ambient Lighting:

-To create a cozy atmosphere.


-Aprons, if applicable.And other Cafe List | Cafe Equipment

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