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Concession Stand Equipment List

Concession Stand Equipment List Catering Stand Equipment List

Concession Stand Equipment List Include:

Food Preparation Equipment:

1.Countertop griddle or flat-top grill
3.Popcorn popper
4.Nacho cheese dispenser
5.Hot dog roller or steamer
6.Miniature fryer

Refrigeration and Cold Storage:

1.Under-counter refrigerator or cooler
2.Chest freezer
3.Ice cream freezer or display freezer

Food Display and Serving:

1.Display warmer or heat lamp
2.Glass display case for baked goods
3.Condiment dispensers
4.Self-serve drink dispensers
5.Nacho chip warmer and display

Utility and Sanitation:

1.Handwashing station
2.Three-compartment sink or portable sink
3.Sanitizing solution and cleaning supplies
4.Waste disposal containers and recycling bins

Cash Handling and POS:

1.Cash register or mobile point-of-sale system
2.Cash drawer
3.Credit card reader

Safety and First Aid:

1.Fire extinguisher
2.First aid kit
3.Wet floor signs (if applicable)

Signage and Menu Display:

1.Menu board or display
2.Price signs
3.Specials or promotions signage

Smallwares and Utensils:

1.Serving utensils (tongs, ladles, spatulas)
2.Disposable plates, cups, and utensils
3.Napkin dispensers

Storage and Organization:

1.Shelving units
2.Storage containers for ingredients
3.Trash bags and liners

Optional Equipment:

1.Cotton candy machine
2.Snow cone or shaved ice machine
3.Beverage dispensers (for lemonade, iced tea, etc.)
4.Condiment stations
5.Portable or collapsible tables for additional workspace.And other Concession Stand Equipment List

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