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Food prep equipment list For hotel and restaurant commercial kithen

Food prep equipment list For hotel and restaurant commercial kithen

Creating a restaurant food prep equipment list requires consideration of various factors such as the type of cuisine, menu offerings, kitchen size, and workflow. Below is a general list of common food prep equipment found in restaurants:

1.Refrigeration Equipment:

.Walk-in refrigerators
.Reach-in refrigerators
.Refrigerated prep tables
.Undercounter refrigerators
.Blast chillers/freezers

2.Cooking Equipment:

.Range/oven combination
.Convection ovens
.Salamander broiler
.Tilting skillet
.Sous vide immersion circulators

3.Preparation Equipment:

.Cutting boards
.Chef knives
.Food processors
.Mixers (stand and hand-held)
.Immersion blenders
.Meat tenderizers
.Portion scales

4.Storage Equipment:

.Shelving units
.Storage containers (plastic, stainless steel, etc.)
.Ingredient bins
.Shelving racks
.Wall-mounted shelves
.Rolling racks

5.Food Holding/Warming Equipment:

.Heat lamps
.Holding cabinets
.Soup warmers
.Drawer warmers

6.Cleaning Equipment:

.Sinks (prep sink, dishwashing sink, hand sink)
.Dishwashers (commercial)
.Pot and pan sinks
.Warewashing racks
.Cleaning chemicals and supplies

7.Safety Equipment:

.Fire extinguishers
.First aid kits
.Safety signage (e.g., “Caution: Wet Floor”)
.Non-slip mats
.Safety gloves and aprons
.Hair nets and beard covers
.Ventilation Equipment:

8.Exhaust hoods

.Ventilation fans
.Make-up air units

9.Miscellaneous Equipment:

.Cutting boards (plastic, wood, or composite)
.Kitchen utensils (knives, spatulas, ladles, etc.)
.Mixing bowls
.Measuring cups and spoons
.Thermometers (probe, infrared)
.Kitchen timers


.Plates, bowls, and serving dishes
.Glasses and stemware
.Flatware (forks, knives, spoons)
.Napkins and tablecloths
.Condiment holders
.Salt and pepper shakers

When creating your kitchen equipment list, consider the specific needs of your menu, volume of food production, available space, and budget constraints. Additionally, ensure compliance with local health and safety regulations regarding food handling and kitchen operations.

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