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Food Trucks Equipment List | Food Truck Restaurant Equipment

Food Trucks Equipment List Food Truck Restaurant Equipment

Food Trucks Equipment List Include:

Cooking Equipment:

1.Griddle or flat-top grill
2.Range or stove with oven
3.Deep fryer
4.Charbroiler or grill
6.Convection oven or toaster oven
7.Steam table or bain-marie


1.Reach-in refrigerator
2.Reach-in freezer
3.Under-counter refrigerator
4.Prep refrigerator or sandwich/salad prep station
5.Display refrigerator for drinks or desserts

Food Preparation:

1.Food prep tables
2.Cutting boards
3.Food processors or blenders
5.Mixing bowls
6.Utensils (knives, spatulas, ladles, tongs, etc.)


1.Shelving units
2.Food storage containers
3.Ingredient bins
4.Dry storage area
5.Shelving for utensils and small items

Ventilation and Exhaust:

1.Ventilation hood
2.Exhaust fan
3.Fire suppression system (if required by local regulations)


1.Propane tanks or electric power source
2.Generator (if not connected to the electrical grid)
3.Water heater
4.Water pump
5.Water tanks or water connection
6.Plumbing for sinks (handwashing sink, three-compartment sink)

Service and Display:

1.Service window
2.Counter or serving area
3.Menu board
4.POS (Point of Sale) system
5.Cash register or mobile payment system

Safety and Sanitation:

1.Fire extinguisher
2.First aid kit
3.Hand sanitizer station
4.Sanitation supplies (cleaning cloths, sanitizing solution)
5.Waste disposal containers and recycling bins


1.Truck wrap or signage
2.Awnings or umbrellas for shade
3.Exterior lighting for evening operations

Optional Equipment:

1.Coffee maker or espresso machine
2.Soft serve or ice cream machine
3.Warming or holding cabinets
4.POS system or mobile payment options
5.Security system (if leaving the truck unattended).And other Food Trucks Equipment List

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