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How to buy pizza oven or select suitable pizza oven for pizza restaurant?

How to buy pizza oven or select pizza oven for pizza restaurant?

How to buy pizza oven or select suitable pizza oven for pizza restaurant?

There are generally 3 types of pizza ovens:brick pizza oven,deck type pizza oven,conveyor pizza oven

Brick pizza oven

Expensive and low production rate; but the pizza baked in the brick pizza oven is the most delicious, so in many high-end pizza shops, or very sentimental pizza shops, you can see brick pizza oven.

The disadvantages are:

large area; need to use wood for fire, difficult temperature control; low production rate. So not suitable for ordinary pizza restaurants

Deck Oven

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The deck oven achieves the heating and baking of the pizza from the outside through the heat radiation and heat transfer. There are two types of heating,upper heating and lower heating. The upper heating is air heating, which has low thermal efficiency; the lower heating is heated by slates, which has a strong temperature retention capacity.


Professional and technical personnel are required to operate and control, but during the baking process, try to avoid frequent switching of the oven.

Conveyor pizza oven

The conveyor pizza oven uses vertical and strong circulating hot air to heat the food quickly and evenly.


Low manual technology requirements, automatic roasting, convenient operation and high production efficiency.

Comparison of baking effects

The pizza baked in the deck oven is called the art of baking and has a unique flavor. Due to the need for manual continuous rotation and frequent switching, the temperature in the oven is uneven, the water output rate is relatively high, and the bottom of the baked cake is crisp and hard. The taste is very good.How to buy pizza oven or select suitable pizza oven for pizza restaurant?

The application of the conveyor oven is relatively simple, the color of the baked pizza bottom is more uniform, the color is not as good as the deck oven, and the bottom of the cake is softer (compared with the effect of the deck oven)

Power source

Pizza ovens mainly have two power source,electricity and gas (LPG,NG). Therefore, the pizza shop owners must carefully consider when purchasing oven equipment.

In terms of baking effect, the pizza baked in the electric oven is drier and crisper; the pizza baked in the gas oven is more watery. In terms of energy consumption costs, the loss cost of electric ovens is relatively high (380V voltage); while the cost of gas ovens is lower (about 40% of electricity consumption).

Combining the baking effect and energy cost, when we choose the oven, the gas oven is a good choice, but it also depends on the actual situation.

Oven size selection

Regardless of the deck oven or the conveyor oven, the choice of oven size is based on the number of store visitors. There are single-layer and double-layer ovens. In order to cope with the sudden increase in passenger flow, you can choose a double-layer oven to do a good job of preheating, and the production speed can also be quickly increased.

And the friends who consider conveyor  oven don’t have to worry about it. The conveyor oven can be stacked vertically and has a small footprint to ensure the maximum use of the kitchen area. It can stack 2 or 3 layers, and the efficiency is absolutely invincible.How to buy pizza oven or select suitable pizza oven for pizza restaurant?

Whether it is a deck  oven or a conveyor  oven, the power settings of each layer are controlled separately, which is more user-friendly and energy-saving. When all the work is done, it can effectively ensure the speed of pizza delivery, and can also bake sausages, chicken wings, chicken legs, egg tarts, bread and the like.

It is not recommended to choose an oven that is too small, because the temperature is difficult to control, and the quality of the product is difficult to stabilize.

Oven cleaning and maintenance

Ovens are an indispensable good partner for the continuous operation of pizza restaurant. In order for them to work continuously and stably, daily cleaning and maintenance work also needs to be included in the schedule. There are also obvious differences in the cleaning and maintenance workload of the deck oven and conveyor oven.

The structure of the oven is very simple. After the power is cut off and cooled, only the surface needs to be wiped with a rag and detergent, and the inside of the oven only needs to be cleaned with a brush.

The workload of the conveyor oven is much larger because it needs to be separated and cleaned, such as chains, chain racks, windshield boxes, and chassis. Although the chain oven baking process is labor-saving, efficient, and high-quality; when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, manpower cannot be saved.How to buy pizza oven or select suitable pizza oven for pizza restaurant?

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