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How to design canteen for school?The design guide for institution canteen.

How to design canteen for school?The design guide for institution canteen.

How to design canteen for school?The design guide for institution canteen.

The kitchen layout design of the school canteen needs to comply with the food processing process: storage, rough processing, non-staple food processing room, staple food processing room, cold dish room, meal room, dishwashing and disinfection room, etc. The layout of the kitchen should be compact, reduce the operating distance, can meet the sharing of equipment or centralized disposal of garbage, and be more efficient. It is also necessary to comply with the order of each job position to prevent the intersection of personnel work processes, and separate entrances and exits for personnel and materials and garbage should be set up.

The school canteen kitchen equipment is placed in accordance with the operating procedures to improve work efficiency. At the same time, pay attention to the characteristics of the equipment. For example, the electrical equipment should not be placed in an environment that is too humid or corrosive; the stove should not be installed at the door and window to avoid the flames from being blown by the wind and causing danger; the use of gas equipment should pay attention to leakage problems. In addition, heating equipment and cooling equipment should be placed together as much as possible to avoid energy waste. It is better to discharge the heating equipment that is easy to produce oil fume and steam together to facilitate centralized exhaust fume and reduce energy consumption.How to design canteen for school?The design guide for institution canteen.

1. Receiving and storage area

The storage area is the place where goods are purchased, weighed, checked and accepted, registered, and stored in storage, including the following functional rooms:

Receiving/inspection raw food material sorting area, vegetable raw material cold storage, meat raw material freezer, rice noodle storage

Dry condiment warehouse

Main equipments:

Freezers, cold storages, floor scales, shelves, canteen kitchen equipment

2. Raw material processing and secondary storage area

The raw material processing area includes rough processing and finishing of raw materials. Picking, sorting and cleaning of vegetables; cleaning, sorting and reprocessing of meat raw materials. Including the following functional rooms:

Vegetable cleaning and processing room, vegetable secondary refrigerator

Meat cleaning and processing room, meat secondary cold storage

Main equipments:

Vegetable processing equipment-leafy vegetable washing line, rhizome washing line, dehydrator, etc.;

Meat processing equipment-shredded pork meat slicer, meat grinder, diced meat machine, poultry bone cutting machine, bone sawing machine, etc.;

Secondary storage equipment-freezer, cold storage

Other equipment-workbench, washing faucet, etc.How to design canteen for school?The design guide for institution canteen.

3. Main and Non-staple Food Processing Area

The main and non-staple food processing area is the center of the entire central kitchen. Chinese food is mainly fried, fried, and boiled. Including the following functional rooms:

Seasoning ratio room, non-staple food cooking room, rice cooking room, steamed buns cooking room

Main equipments:

Automatic cooking machine, tilting wok, automatic blanching pot, fryer, rice production line, steamed bun production line, and oil fume purification and emission system canteen kitchen equipment

4. Packaging/shipping area

The packaging and delivery area must ensure the safety and hygiene of the box meal, mainly including the following functional rooms:

Lunch box packing room, outer packaging and pasta packing area, secondary locker room, sample room

Main equipments:

Catering line, metal detector, disinfection lamp, sample storage cabinet, air shower, etc.

5. Tableware decontamination area

This area has two functions: tableware cleaning and tableware disinfection storage. The main function rooms: tableware sorting room, tableware washing room, tableware disinfection storage room.How to design canteen for school?The design guide for insitution canteen.

Main equipments:

Dishwasher, disinfection storage, etc.

6. Auxiliary area

Mainly include: hand washing and disinfection room, men’s and women’s shoes changing room, etc

The main equipment includes: air shower room, wash basin, etc.

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