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How to make restaurant design | Restaurant Commercial Kitchen Layout

How to make restaurant design | Restaurant Kitchen Layout

How to make restaurant design | Restaurant Commercial Kitchen Layout

1. Restaurant overall environment layout

The overall layout of the restaurant is a whole created by the perfect organization of transportation space, use space, working space and other elements.

As a whole, the space design of the restaurant must first meet the basic requirements of receiving customers and making them convenient to dine, while also pursuing higher aesthetic and artistic value.

In principle, there is no one-size-fits-all truth for the overall layout of the restaurant, but it does have many rules to follow, and it can create a fairly reliable layout effect based on these laws. The interior design of the restaurant is first determined by its area.

Because modern cities are densely populated and costly, they must make effective use of space. From a business perspective, the first thing to consider is the space available to every customer.

The venue in the hall is too crowded and too wide to be good. The size of the area should be determined by the number of customers coming to the restaurant. Order is an important factor in the graphic design of restaurants.

Due to the limited space in the restaurant, many building materials and equipment should be economically and orderly combined to show the beauty of the form.

The so-called form beauty is the harmony between the whole and the part. The simple and simple plane configuration is full of unified ideas, but it is easy to fail due to monotony; the complex plane configuration is full of fun of change, but it is easy to loose.

At the time of configuration, adding more will reduce the amount, while removing a part will make you lose the sense of harmony.

Therefore, when designing, it is still necessary to use appropriate laws to grasp the essence of order, so as to obtain a complete and flexible plane effect. When designing the restaurant space, because the size of the space required for the purpose of use is different, its combined use is also different.

It is necessary to consider the appropriateness of various spaces and the rationality of each space organization.

The relevant main spaces are as follows: Customer space: such as access phone, parking, seats, etc., is the space for serving the public and convenient for their meals; management space: such as the entrance desk, office, service staff lounge, Warehouse, etc . conditioning space: such as pantry, main kitchen, auxiliary kitchen, cold storage room, etc .; public space: such as reception room, corridor, toilet, etc.

When using it, pay attention to the particularity of each space area, and check the simplicity of the flow routes of customers and staff. At the same time, pay attention to the fire safety and other safety arrangements to obtain a reasonable combination of each space area and building. How to make restaurant design | Restaurant Commercial Kitchen Layout

How to make restaurant design  Restaurant Kitchen Layout

2. Space configuration of dining equipment

In addition to the most cost-effective use of the space in the store design, the reasonable configuration of the dining equipment in the store is also very important. Such as dining tables, chairs and cupboards, cabinets, shelves, etc., although their sizes or shapes are different, but there should be a certain ratio standard to achieve balance and proportion, and various equipment should have a considerable relationship space, to Seek to provide a standard service.

Specifically, the space configuration of the dining equipment mainly includes the size design of the dining table and dining chairs and the reasonable arrangement of the dining table according to the size of the restaurant.

The dining table can be divided into a western table and a middle table. The western dining table has a long and rectangular shape; the middle dining table is generally round and square, mostly round, and the higher-end restaurants in Western Europe all use round dining tables. If space is allowed, round tables should be used because round tables are more intimate than square tables.

Now rectangular tables are also used as ordinary Chinese tables in the restaurant.

Whether the dining table is square or round is not limited, it is better to be able to use the mobile application according to the business content and the number of guests.

The square or rectangular table is generally used. The advantage of the square table is that it can be merged into a large dining table at any time during the meal time to receive large groups of guests without reservations.

The number of people on the dining table varies according to the size of the dining table. The round middle table can seat up to 12 people, but the fast food restaurant prefers a small square table. The size of the dining table should be adapted to the dining style.How to make restaurant design | Restaurant Commercial Kitchen Layout

In modern life, people do not often go to the restaurant for a meal together, most of them are ordinary meals.So for ordinary restaurants, small tables should be the main table for two to four people. Meet the requirements of the modern atrium.

The fast food restaurant can set up more single-person tables, so that the diners do not have to experience the embarrassing situation of facing and sitting with people they don’t know.

Moreover, the operating profit of fast food restaurants depends on the number of diners. One person per table, even if a few friends come together, it is inconvenient to look back and forth to chat aloud, affecting the speed of meals. It is the most ideal table form that allows customers to eat fast.How to make restaurant design | Restaurant Commercial Kitchen Layout

Large middle tables are often set up for group dining. The recipes for Chinese food are complex, from cold dishes to the last soup, fruit, and the end of the meal, the fastest time is more than 40 minutes.

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