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How to run a coffee shop?

How to run a coffee shop? What do you need to do in operation?

How to run a coffee shop?What should you pay attention to in the daily operation of a coffee shop

More and more coffee shops appear in our lives. China’s coffee market has great potential, so many operators choose to invest in coffee shops to start businesses. But there are many things that operators need to pay attention to when running a coffee shop. What do you need to do in daily operations?

It must be cleared every day and counted every week. Be familiar with the cost, profit margin and production formula of each product, as well as the inventory balance of the product. Control staff costs, pay off your rent, make sure that all expenses are well documented, and avoid gray expenses. A complete management and clearing system must be established, so that even if you are not in the store, you can control everything that happens in the store in real time.

You need to know how much money you have. Be sure to review every expenditure yourself, and be sure of the balance in your bank account. Only by accurately grasping one’s own money can one have an accurate grasp of the business situation of one’s coffee shop.

Be sure to buy a good coffee machine and grinder. If your equipment always has problems, or there is no regular maintenance and inspection, you will not be able to guarantee the normal operation of the coffee shop. Not only the coffee machine, but your grinder and even the kettle need regular maintenance. Equipment that is too inferior cannot guarantee the long-lasting stability of coffee.

Establishing good cooperative relations with suppliers is the basis for the success of the coffee shop. Be sure to pay on time and consult if you have any questions. Maintaining a good relationship with the supplier can ensure the normal supply of the coffee shop, which also ensures the normal operation of the coffee shop.How to run a coffee shop?

How to run a coffee shop What do you need to do in operation

If you are opening a coffee franchise store, you must have a detailed and thorough understanding of the headquarters of the franchise brand, and in-depth understanding and inspection of the various conditions promised by the franchise brand headquarters.

For example, whether the franchise headquarters is formal and legal, whether its business license and business scope are confirmed, the credibility of the franchise brand headquarters, the quality of the employees you contact, whether there is a complete franchise contract, these aspects all represent the franchise headquarters to a certain extent Strength.

It must be accurate in site selection. After many shopkeepers opened their stores, their business conditions were not good, and many of the reasons were location selection. Due to improper location selection, customers cannot see your coffee shop, so naturally no one will visit.

Finding a suitable address to open a coffee shop is also essential. Generally speaking, when choosing a location, first of all pay attention to the characteristics of the target consumer group, including whose business is being done, what are the surrounding fixed residents? What are the mobile customer groups? Secondly, it is necessary to judge the customer’s income level from the consumer group.

Consumption level and forecast the consumption trend in the next six months. Coffee shops are best opened in business circles, after all, the majority of coffee-drinking consumer groups are office workers. Finally, the rent factor must be considered, and the sales forecast, gross profit margin, cost level, etc. should be considered comprehensively to decide which point to choose.

Customer flow is difficult to change for our single store, so the location of the store is very important. A big factor for the success of the coffee business is the correct location. After the correct location is selected, the traffic will naturally increase and the business will not be bad.

Shop-entry rate is the root of store sales: customers like to enter stores with good decoration images and popular stores. The store must uphold the customer first and do everything possible to optimize customers when performing decoration, store service, customer management, store display and promotional activities Experience perspective.

Every store must be profitable, that is, profit, and profit must have these reasons: guaranteed brand, good environment, good coffee quality, low price, high popularity, high additional sales rate, high turnover rate, high return rate, and profit High and no inventory pressure.How to run a coffee shop?

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