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What are the precautions for kitchen smoke exhaust design?

What are the precautions for kitchen smoke exhaust?

1. Consider the wind direction:

It is possible to have a basic understanding of the local wind direction, see how to install the smoke exhaust location, and avoid problems such as the backflow of oil smoke.

2. Pipeline layout:

All kinds of pipes are used to exhaust smoke in the kitchen, so you must have a comprehensive understanding when setting up the layout. Note that according to the space size and layout of the self-kitchen, the auxiliary flue must be reserved first, so there must be a clear division when setting it up.

3. Location selection:

The installation of smoke exhaust pipes in the kitchen should also pay attention to the location. In order to ensure a good smoke exhaust effect, it is recommended that the kitchen pipes should not be too long, the shorter the better. If the pipe is too long, it will directly lead to the accumulation of oil fumes, which is difficult to discharge, and will flow back into the restaurant.

4. Change the valve frequently:

There are many things to pay attention to in the installation of the smoke exhaust pipe in the kitchen, such as the stop valve must be replaced frequently, in order to have a better smoke exhaust effect. The stop valve is actually to protect the exhaust pipe and make the exhaust effect more obvious.

5. Regular cleaning:

The design and planning of smoke exhaust in the kitchen should not only be comprehensively considered in the pipeline, but also pay attention to regular cleaning, which is a very important thing. After all, if the time is too long, it will directly lead to the accumulation of oil fumes and affect the actual use effect. It is necessary to pay attention to comprehensive consideration first and do a good job of cleaning.

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