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Pop-Up Restaurant Equipment List

Pop-Up Restaurant Equipment List Pop-Up Restaurant Equipment

Setting up a pop-up restaurant requires flexibility and efficiency, as these temporary establishments often have limited space and time. Pop-up restaurants often require efficient and portable equipment that can be easily set up and taken down.Here’s a basic equipment list for a pop-up restaurant:

Cooking Equipment:

1.Portable induction cookers or burners
2.Countertop convection ovens
3.Griddles or flat-top grills
4.Portable grills or outdoor BBQs
5.Sous vide immersion circulator (if applicable)

Food Preparation:

1.Folding tables for prep work
2.Cutting boards
3.Chef’s knives and utensils
4.Food processors or blenders
5.Mixing bowls
6.Portable sinks or washbasins for handwashing


1.Portable coolers or refrigerators
2.Ice chests or bins
3.Cold storage containers for perishables

Service and Display:

1.Folding tables for serving
2.Buffet servers or chafing dishes
3.Display trays or platters
4.Disposable or compostable plates and utensils
5.Napkins and serving supplies

Beverage Service:

1.Coffee makers or pour-over kits
2.Tea urns or dispensers
3.Beverage dispensers for iced tea or lemonade
4.Portable bar setup (if serving alcohol)


1.Portable power generators or access to electrical outlets
2.Extension cords
3.Propane tanks for outdoor cooking equipment

POS (Point of Sale):

1.Mobile POS system or tablets for order processing
2.Cash register
3.Receipt printer

Safety and Sanitation:

1.Fire extinguisher
2.First aid kit
3.Hand sanitizer stations
4.Cleaning supplies (sanitizing wipes, trash bags, etc.)

Storage and Organization:

1.Storage bins or containers for ingredients
2.Shelving units for supplies
3.Garbage and recycling bins

Décor and Ambiance:

1.Tablecloths or table runners
2.Decorative elements (signage, banners, etc.)

Optional Equipment:

1.Outdoor heaters or fans (depending on the weather)
2.Canopy or tent for weather protection
3.Bluetooth speakers for background music
4.Display boards or chalkboards for menus and specials.And other pop-up restaurant equipment list

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