Hotel Kitchen Industrial Centrifugal Fan

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Hotel Kitchen Industrial Centrifugal Fan



1.Backward curved impeller
2.The frame material is aluminum alloy, the panel is multi-layer compound structure, and the interior is filled with sound insulation material, which is more effective in heat insulation and noise reduction
3.The cabinet have a large size access door, which is convenient for the maintenance and repair of the internal components.The access door is fastened by movable lock, which is very convenient for disassembly and assembly
4.The transmission mode is belt transmission, and its advantage is that the fan parameters can be adjusted by changing the rotation speed to make up for the selection error.But the belt is fragile and needs to be replaced regularly
5.TDF series tank certified by AMCA of the United States is adopted. The impeller is of backward tilt veneer structure with high efficiency, high static pressure and large air volume
6.Large air flow, high pressure and high efficiency.
7.Usage: general ventilation, smoke extracting, or lampblack exhausting.Hotel Kitchen Industrial Centrifugal Fan
8.Models: 9”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 15”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 25”, 28”, 32”, 36” and 40”, 13 models in total.
9.Air volume: 909~84000 m³/h.
10.Total pressure: 178~2063 Pa.

11.Application: suitable for office buildings, hotels, guesthouses, auditoriums, theaters, basements, high-rise civil buildings,factories, shops, hospitals, etc

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