Commercial Semi-automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

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Commercial Semi-automatic Espresso Coffee Machine


1.Model No.:EA-2
4.Pump Pressure:15 bar
5.Brewing Group:Removable
7.Boiler Capacity:12L
8.Group Head:2 pcs
9.Output:240 cup/h
10.Hot water and steam output:yes
11.Milk frothing setting:programmable
12.Programmable coffee brewing temperature:yes
13.Programmable coffee quantity in cup:yes
14.Adjustable dispensing head:yes
15.Front panel finish:Mirror stainless steel
16.Bodywork:Painted metal


1.Made of high quality stainless steel and painted surface
2.Professional copper exchange boiler system,keep the stable temperature and dry powerful steam.
3.Built-in suction water circulation and water volume measurement system to keep water pressure stable;
4.LED,show the boiling time,flow rate,temperature.
5.Brass brewing group,keep the stable temperature.
6.Dual boiler system—Steam generator and coffee brewing seperated.
7.Automatic controled system. Continuous delivery push-button.
8.Stable supply of 9 Pa water pressure, water temperature 90 ± 5°C;
9.With steam and pump pressure gauge.Show the pump pressure and steam pressure.Commercial Semi-automatic Espresso Coffee Machine
10.Imported pump and flow meter,keep stable water pressure and accurate flow.
11.Protection program set up for preventing machine from overheating without water.
12.Digital pre-infusion system for classic espresso.

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