Commercial Juice Dispenser(Good,Stirring System)

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Commercial Juice Dispenser


1. Food-grade high density anti-cracking polycarbonate bowl, healthy and environmental protection
2. Circling Stainless Steel Evaporator and continuous stirring maintains a perfect cooling performance and temperature equalization.
3. Middle or High back pressure hermetic compressor , Low noise less than 55 db.
4. 30rpm/60rpm mixing motor upon request,suitable for different kind of beverage
5. Environment-friendly CFC-free refrigerant R134a
6. Voltage and cycles upon request



1.Model No.: Corolla-2S
2.Dimension: 430×430×640mm
5.Power:291 W
8.Stirring System:Paddle System
9.N.W.:28 kgs


1.Before use the dispenser should be cleaned carefully as it comes into contact with drinks.
2.Refilling For a correct usage of the machine ensure that the liquid level into the bowl does not go below 3-4Lt.
3.Before filling up the container make sure to remove the power plug.
4.Mix product in a separate container.
5.Do not fill the container with hot product
6.Do not overtake the MAX level line
7.Make sure that the main switch is in the [OFF]position,plug in the machine.
8.Before starting the machine ensure that the bowls are properly closed with their covers.
9.Turn the main switch to [ON] position,the condensing unit will automatically start.Commercial Juice Dispenser
10.To start the mixing action,turn to [ON] position the mixing system switch.
11.To pour drink out, press lightly the drinking glass against lever.

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