Supermarket Granite Floor Sweeper



Supermarket Granite Floor Sweeper


1.Model No.:K501
2.Suction vacuum:1720mmH2O
3.Traction speed:200rpm
5.Total power rating:1450W
6.Working Capacity:2250m2/h
7.Maximum Water Supply:2.6L/min
8.Water tank capacity:48L
9.Recovery tank capacity:55L
10.Duration of working:3-5h
11.Cleaning width:51cm
12.Squeegee width:75cm
13.Brush motor:550W
14.Minimum radius:90cm
15.Operating tension:DC24V
16.Brush pressure:≥25kg.f
17.Net weight:120kg
23.Machine dimensions:136×56×98cm
24.Carton dimension:151×68×119cm


1.The brush can be assembled and disassembled automatically. In order to change the brush, press removing brush button to disassemble brush. On the other hand, push the brush under the proper position firstly, and then press the assembling brush button to complete brush assembling.

2.Touch keys are designed for the control panel in automatic mode or manual mode. Under the automatic mode, all the function works by stepping on the accelerator.Otherwise, each function can also be operated by hands singly.Supermarket Granite Floor Sweeper

3.The machine is equipped with different speed-based traction motor so that operator only needs to unfasten the brush motor switch without push machine by hands.

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