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This Gas Barbecue Grill is made by good quality stainless steel.Burner equipped with pretective cover.The height of  cooking grate is adjustable.It’s a ideal BBQ for home,restaurant,hotel etc.



  • Made by high quality stainless steel,strong constructure,anti- corrosion.
  • Well finished  surface,beautiful and easy to clean
  • High efficiency infrared ceramic burner,faster and even heating,powerful  and energy-saving
  • The burner is protected by transparent cover which made by heat-resistant material,so the burner is clean all the time and have longer use life
  • The grill net is made by stainless steel,easy to clean and won’t be deform
  • The front box which for putting cooked food or season is removable.So it’s convenient to carry the cooked food or to clean.
  • Under the front box,there is a grease collecting tray which is removable too
  • The biggest difference between this product and traditional barbecue grills is the height of  grill net is adjustable while traditional grill is fixed.Different foods use different grill heights.The grill result is more perfect.The max adjustable height is 12cm.Gas Barbecue Grill | Gas BBQ Grill | Gas BBQ Stove


  • Size:580*650*300mm
  • Net Size:520*336
  • Burner Qty.:4

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