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Sandwich Restaurant Equipment List

Sandwich Restaurant Equipment List | Subway Equipment List

Sandwich Restaurant Equipment List

1.Bread Oven/Proofer:
-Conveyor toaster or proofer for baking and toasting bread.
2.Refrigeration Units:
-Walk-in coolers and freezers for storing fresh ingredients, meats, and vegetables.
3.Prep Tables:
-Stainless steel tables for preparing and assembling sandwiches.
4.Meat Slicer:
-Commercial-grade slicer for cutting deli meats thinly and uniformly.
5.Ingredient Storage Containers:
-Airtight containers for storing various sandwich ingredients.
6.Vegetable and Meat Prep Tools:
-Slicers, dicers, and other tools for preparing fresh vegetables and meats.
7.Toaster/Conveyor Oven:
-To toast sandwiches or melt cheese on top.
-For heating and steaming certain ingredients like meats and vegetables.
9.Cold Storage:
-Refrigerated counters or storage specifically for cold sandwich ingredients.
10.Display Case:
-To showcase freshly prepared ingredients for customers to choose from.
11.Condiment Dispensers:
-Stations for dispensing sauces, dressings, and condiments.
12.POS System:
-Point-of-sale system for order processing and tracking sales.
-Three-compartment sinks for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing utensils.
14.Dishwashing Equipment:
-Commercial dishwashers and drying racks for cleaning dishes and utensils.
15.Storage Shelves and Racks:
-For organizing and storing various kitchen supplies.
16.Employee Uniforms:
-Aprons, hats, and uniforms for kitchen and serving staff.
17.Dining Area Furniture:
-Tables, chairs, and other furniture for the dining area.
18.Beverage Equipment:
-Soda dispensers, ice machines, and other beverage preparation equipment.
19.Trash Receptacles:
-For proper waste disposal in the kitchen and dining areas.
20.Cleaning Supplies:
-Cleaning chemicals, mops, brooms, and other supplies for maintaining hygiene.and other Sandwich Restaurant Equipment List | Subway Equipment List

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