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Sushi Restaurant Equipment List

Sushi Restaurant Equipment List

Kitchen Equipment:

1.Sushi Rice Cooker:
-Specifically designed for cooking and maintaining the proper texture of sushi rice.
2.Sushi Rice Mixer:
-Ensures even seasoning of rice with vinegar, sugar, and salt.
3.Hangiri (Wooden Rice Mixing Tub):
-Used to cool and mix sushi rice evenly.
4.Makisu (Bamboo Rolling Mat):
-Essential for rolling sushi rolls (maki).
5.Rice Paddle:
-Wooden or plastic paddles for handling sushi rice.
6.Sushi Rice Press:
-For creating uniform rice layers in nigiri and pressed sushi.
7.Sashimi Knife and Yanagiba (Sushi Knife):
-Long, thin, and sharp knives designed for slicing sashimi and making precise cuts.
8.Deba Bocho (Deba Knife):
-A heavy, thick knife used for cutting fish through the bone.
9.Usuba Bocho (Usuba Knife):
-A thin, rectangular knife for precise vegetable cutting.
10.Bench Sushi Sheeter:
-Machine for rolling out sheets of seaweed (nori) for sushi rolls.
11.Wasabi Grater (oroshiki):
-Grates fresh wasabi to a paste consistency.

Front-of-House Equipment:

1.Sushi Bar or Counter:
-Where sushi chefs can prepare and present sushi to customers.
2.Sushi Display Case:
-Refrigerated unit to showcase sushi for customers.
3.Plateware and Serving Dishes:
-Specially designed plates and dishes for presenting sushi.
4.Chopstick Holders:
-For presenting and organizing chopsticks.

General Restaurant Equipment:

1.Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers:
-For storing fresh fish, vegetables, and other perishables.
2.Food Prep Tables:
-Stainless steel tables for preparing ingredients.
-For cleaning dishes, utensils, and sushi-making tools.
4.Rice Cooker:
-Additional rice cookers for preparing various types of rice.
5.Cleaning Supplies:
-Cleaning chemicals, towels, and sanitation tools.
-Traditional sushi chef attire.
7.Ambient Lighting:
-To create an inviting dining atmosphere.
8.Cash Register or POS System:
-For handling payments.
9.Security System:
-Cameras and alarms for security.
10.Menu Boards or Displays:
-Clearly visible menu with prices.and other Sushi Restaurant Equipment List

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