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Teppanyaki Restaurant Equipment List

Teppanyaki Restaurant Equipment List

Teppanyaki Restaurant Equipment List include:

1.Teppan Griddles:

-Large, flat iron griddles for cooking and presenting food in front of guests.

2.Range Hoods and Ventilation System:

-To capture and filter smoke and odors produced during cooking.

3.Commercial Range:

-Gas or electric ranges for additional cooking needs.

4.Spatulas and Cooking Utensils:

-Specialized Teppanyaki spatulas and tools for cooking and flipping food.

5.Soy Sauce Bottles and Dispensers:

-Traditional Japanese-style dispensers for soy sauce.

6.Condiment Dispensers:

-Containers for displaying and dispensing sauces and condiments.

7.Rice Cookers:

-If your Teppanyaki menu includes fried rice or other rice dishes.

8.Cutting Boards and Knives:

-High-quality knives and cutting boards for food preparation.

9.Ingredients Trays:

-Small trays for holding and organizing ingredients during cooking.

10.Sushi Prep Station:

-If your Teppanyaki restaurant offers sushi, you’ll need a dedicated prep area.

11.Woks or Stir-Fry Pans:

-For preparing stir-fry dishes if included in your menu.


-If your menu includes steamed dishes.

13.Refrigeration Units:

-Walk-in coolers and freezers for storing fresh ingredients.

14.Prep Tables:

-Stainless steel tables for ingredient preparation.

15.POS System:

-Point-of-sale system for order processing and tracking sales.


-Three-compartment sinks for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing utensils.

17.Dishwashing Equipment:

-Commercial dishwashers and drying racks for cleaning dishes and utensils.

18.Storage Shelves and Racks:

-For organizing and storing various kitchen supplies.

19.Beverage Equipment:

-Drink dispensers, tea makers, or other equipment depending on your beverage offerings.

20.Dining Area Furniture:

-Teppanyaki tables and seating for guests.


-Plates, bowls, chopsticks, and other utensils suitable for Teppanyaki dining.

22.Employee Uniforms:

-Aprons, hats, and uniforms for kitchen and serving staff.

23.Cleaning Supplies:

-Cleaning chemicals, mops, brooms, and other supplies for maintaining hygiene.And other Teppanyaki Restaurant Equipment List

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