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The process of opening a small dessert shop

The process of opening a small dessert shop

Open a dessert shop steps

1.Documents required to open a dessert shop

In order to ensure the health and safety of customers, as long as the regular restaurant must apply for the relevant certificates and business licenses. Especially the food industry related stores, health permits are very important.So before opening a small dessert shop, must advance the required documents to the corresponding place for processing, so as not to delay the formal operation of the dessert shop.

2.The staff needed to open a dessert shop

Before opening a dessert shop, we need to consider how many employees a shop needs in advance according to the size of the shop.For example, estimate how many bread makers, how many cashiers the sweet shop will need according to the expected sales volume.

At the same time, when considering the recruitment of staff in a dessert shop, we should consider the ability of staff, and give priority to those who have relevant work experience, so as to save training time. Sometimes, one quick-footed employee can even replace two employees who are not so clever.

3.Early site selection for opening a dessert shop

No matter what type of store, its location should be considered at the front of the line, after all, the era of deep wine is long gone.Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in the catering industry. If the shop is located in an unknown alley, few people will spend a lot of time to eat desserts in the shop if the shop is not well known.

So before opening a small dessert shop, be sure to go to the neighborhood in advance to see the surrounding environment, whether there is a commercial street, whether there is a school, whether there is a cinema and other places that young people like to go.

4.Have the sales plan needed to open a dessert shop

Don’t wait for the store to open before you start thinking about everything. Make plans for everything in advance.In this way, I won’t be in a rush when something unexpected happens. For example, I will calculate the sales expectation,I want to achieve before opening the store and make a preliminary goal of  how much money I want to sell every day.

At the same time, as a store manager can know how to deal with some emergencies in advance.For example, if a customer suddenly attacks the quality of food in the store, how should the store manager deal with such a rogue customer? All these should be figured out in advance.

5.The decoration design of opening a small dessert shop

People are all visual animals. Most of the time, when passing by the door of this shop, what attracts passers-by is the decoration of this shop. For example, the decoration design with warm yellow color will be very warm.When I was tired after work in the evening, I would like to go to such shops and buy the breakfast the next day.

It is black tone again for example or green tone and so on of compare individual character decorate, the young lady sister that may a lot of come out to play people can be willing to go in sit, take two good-looking photos incidentally.Therefore, we should also choose the corresponding design style according to the positioning of our dessert shop

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