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What equipment does a pizza restaurant need?

Pizza Restaurant Equipment | Pizza Hut And Shop Equipment

Setting up a pizza restaurant requires a variety of equipment to ensure smooth operations in the kitchen and front of house. Here’s a general list of equipment you may need for a pizza restaurant:

Kitchen Equipment:

Pizza Oven:

Deck ovens, conveyor ovens, or wood-fired ovens are common choices.


Walk-in refrigerators and freezers for storage.
Pizza prep tables with refrigerated toppings storage.

2.Dough Preparation:

Dough mixer (stand or spiral mixer).
Dough sheeter or rolling pin for rolling out dough.
Dough proofing cabinets.

3.Work Tables:

Stainless steel work tables for food preparation.

4.Pizza Peels:

Wooden or metal pizza peels for placing and removing pizzas from the oven.

5.Pizza Pans and Screens:

Various sizes and types for different pizza styles.

6.Sauce and Cheese Dispensers:

Containers for dispensing pizza sauce and cheese.

7.Food Processor:

For chopping vegetables and other pizza toppings.


Meat slicer for cutting meats and cheeses.

9.Pizza Cutter:

Large pizza cutters for cutting pizzas into slices.

10.Ingredient Storage:

Storage containers for pizza toppings.

11.Exhaust Hood:

Required for ventilation and to comply with health and safety regulations.

12.Deep Fryer:

If your menu includes items like fried appetizers.

Front of House Equipment:


1.Cash Register/Point of Sale (POS) System:

For order processing and sales tracking.

2.Commercial Refrigerated Display Case:

To showcase ready-made pizzas and other items.

3.Beverage Dispensers:

For soft drinks, water, and other beverages.

4.Tables and Chairs:

Seating for customers.

5.Menu Boards:

Displaying your pizza offerings.

6.Utensils and Dinnerware:

Plates, forks, knives, and napkins.


Glasses for beverages.

8.Condiment Stations:

Set up with Parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, etc.

9.POS Receipt Printer:

For printing customer receipts.

10.Lighting and Decor:

Create a welcoming atmosphere with appropriate lighting and decor.

Remember that local health codes and regulations may impact your equipment choices, so it’s essential to check with local authorities and health departments to ensure compliance. Additionally, consider the specific style of pizza you plan to offer, as different styles may require different equipment.

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